Is Fresh Face the New Full Face?

By Ama Corrieri

More and more brands have been marketing directly towards millennials- Trying their hardest to hop on the bandwagon for the next trend based top seller. The beauty industry is a leading example of such. With brands like Mac, Urban Decay and NARS, selling major hits like lipsticks, primers and lashes, we begin to make way for smaller companies to grow and bloom.

The question is: In such a monopolized field with large companies taking the spotlight, how can a social media start-up get any attention? Skin care. A fleeting trend that has come and gone throughout the ages truly natural makeup is here to stay.

If you grew up as “scene” or “emo” you learned a lot about eyeliner and how much could possibly go on your eyes. If you grew up “grunge” you experimented with the darkest possible lip colors. If you flew thru highschool without any phase you can look back on and say “what was I doing?”, you’re one of the lucky ones, and probably familiar with this idea.

Makeup has always, in the past, been the face you show the public- the way you present yourself in social situations and (unfortunately) sometimes the way you start your career. However, not wearing makeup has been making women feel both uncomfortable and empowered as of recent and the effect on your actual makeup will be amazing.

Putting your skin first is like painting.

As an artist I can tell you definitely that you can’t have a great painting without a great canvas. That is, of course, not to say that everyone’s skin should be clear and ‘perfect’, but well taken care of and moisturized to say the least. A smooth primed canvas will give you an effortless paint application. The same goes for the face.

The skin is your body’s largest organ.

Whether that creeps you out or not, you know, wearing your largest organ for all to see- it’s true. To keep this organ in top shape from the inside out, health authorities recommend drinking 8 8-ounce glasses a day or half a gallon of water. Drinking water not only hydrates your skin and gives it a healthy glow, but cleanses toxins and impurities from your body. Which in turn helps to keep your skin beautiful and smooth, maybe even makeup ready. When staying hydrated may not be the cure all for your skin issues there are many products specializing in what you need for you.

Small beauty brands are leading the way and resurrecting old trends via social media marketing. Brands like Glossier, Kiehls, Farsali and Aesop have done wonders appearing in beauty bloggers medicine cabinets for the past couple years.

Promising skin saving benefits that will not only enhance your face but your makeup as well, it doesn’t seem surprising that millennials would jump on the bandwagon.

How does a company like Glossier beat out Mac? They don’t.

They use skin care to run in their own lane against their own competitors. With products like their new Serums Super Pack, giving buyers the option to purchase a set of beneficial products they can tailor to fit their skin type for that day, rr their more popular sets, such as Phase 1 which includes a cleanser, moisturizer, balm and skin tint. Marketing these, Glossier sets itself apart from large companies and make their branding more personal.

Even companies like Fresh, which run a bit on the pricier side and market more towards an older demographic, are seeing younger sales. Products like Seaberry Face Oil ,which offers numerous benefits and lightweight moisture, appeal to the neo-millennial skin care craze.

If you’re new to the trend and want to bask in the glow of healthy skin here are some basic ways to build a morning and evening routine.

Before applying your makeup in the morning start with a cleanser (toner if you’d like) followed by a light moisturizer. This will give you a smooth application.

When removing your makeup in the evening be gentle. Rough removal of makeup can irritate your skin and cause early onset wrinkles. Do exfoliate away your dead skin however. Invest in an electric face cleansing brush if you can, and use it up to twice a week so you give your skin time to heal. Follow up with a face mask (go ahead you deserve it!) and moisturize again.

Staying hydrated throughout the day will also help you to earn that supple shine.


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