Fluide: Makeup Made with Real in Mind

When our Web Director shared that Fluide wanted to collaborate with Blush, I swear the stars aligned. I felt connected to the brand off the bat. Their products were just as beautiful as their purpose. After speaking with Fluide’s Co-Founder, Laura Kraber, I knew I had to give as much light to this incredible brand as possible. With that said, welcome to the world of…

Fluide. makeup for him, her, them, everyone.

Collage of Fluide pictures. First Image: a man with full eyebrows, metallic gold lips, 5 o'clock shadow, purple flow pendent earring with large gold hoop attached. He is looking up and smiling. Second Image: Deep skin ton woman with neutral face makeup, bold dark purple matte lipstick and a big smile. Third Image: they both have bold lips. One has a cobalt blue matte lip and the other has heavy eyeliner to contrast long blond hair and a silver metallic lip.
Photos Courtesy of Fluide, Collage made by Regina Rene

When Laura Kraber and Isabella Giancarlo started Fluide, their goal was to push the boundaries of the beauty industry’s narrow standards. While the beauty industry is no doubt evolving, it still has a long way to go. Fluide has worked thus far to continue this evolution in beauty. Pioneering the concept of embracing beauty while promoting authentic self-expression and positive self-image.

Fluide was launched online just this past year, January 2018. Customers value their cruelty-free, highly pigmented products designed for all skin tones and gender expressions.  Inclusivity and diverse representation are reflected in all aspects of the brand from their product names to their models. Their models represent a spectrum of gender expression, sexual orientations, and ethnicities. The young brand donates five percent of profits to organizations that support health and legal rights in the LGBTQ community. I even picked up on their lip and nail shade names: they were named after queer spaces around the globe. Fluide seeks to pay tribute to the importance of safe spaces for the LGBTQ community.

From the Founders

Inspired by her teenage kids and the gender fluidity of their generation, in 2017 Laura Kraber teamed up with the visionary creative director, Isabella Giancarlo, to create an inclusive, queer beauty company, Fluide, dedicated to LGTBTQ representation and advocacy and an inclusive vision of beauty.

“For too long, makeup has been perceived as an instrument of an outdated and patriarchal beauty ideal… Women wore makeup to improve themselves. To make themselves acceptable to a standard of (often white, cis) female beauty… To locate makeup outside of this paradigm… opens up the potential for makeup to be empowering for all people.” –Laura Kraber, Co-Founder

I found comfort in the fact that co-founder, Isabella Giancarlo, emphasized the importance of representation. When creating the brand Giancarlo thought a platform offering representation was most important.

“From a personal place, I wanted to ensure that queer folks like me were both in front and behind the camera… I knew that a younger me was dying to see queer beauty represented by queer people. I know the process of coming into my queer identity would have been a lot easier had I had more gender-expansive role models.” –Isabella Giancarlo, Creative Director

Fluide, the Brand.

Fluide’s creative director also explains the main purpose behind Fluide as a company that “represents and embodies queer optimism.” As a straight society, we often forget about our queer allies, only cared for and celebrated during Pride when we get to look cute and wear rainbow clothing shamelessly. But not supporting them at the polls by voting for representatives that protect their rights. Large corporations add fuel to the fire by pandering to the queer community when it conveniently makes them money. But not authentically being inclusive of queer identities behind the scenes, in the boardrooms,  and in their hearts.

Giancarlo continues asking, “What about queer joy? Queer resilience? Although physical violence, homophobia, and systematic injustice are a reality for many people within the community, we are not defined only by our ‘victimhood’.”


At Blush, everyone from Dani, Blush’s Editor in Cheif, to Brinley, Blush’s, Web Director, and myself believe in equality wholeheartedly. Furthermore, we believe in practicing what we preach. We are for everyone, we support those who support up, we support Fluide.

We wasted no time in getting into the details honey!  Check out the video below to see just how sweet Fluide’s products are.

Does the message behind the brand impact the products you buy? How are you supporting what you believe in? Let us know in the comments below!

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