Five Trends Seen at Coachella 2018

Every year the festival craze starts in early March in anticipation of buying pre-sale tickets for music festivals such as Coachella, the Governor’s Ball and Panorama. As soon as tickets are purchased, the next question is, “What will I wear?” Style is a huge part of music festival culture, especially being that it starts the trends for the next music events, and trends that develop at music festivals spread like wildfire to influence others on their music festival attire.

Sequins were a huge trend seen throughout the first weekend of Coachella. There was a large variation of the ways sequins were worn as well, such as on lingerie, dresses, coats, matching sets and separate skirts and tops. The sparkly statement pieces were very noticeable, making sequins a standout trend.

Combat boots were a popular shoe of choice this year at Coachella. There are pictures of many people, even celebrities, opting for combat boots over the atypical sandals, sneakers or the ever-so popular cowboy boots. One celebrity spotted wearing this new trend is model Gigi Hadid during the first weekend of Coachella.

Matching sets have always been a very popular choice for music festivals, so it’s no surprise that it was a popular trend this year as well. The most popular form of matching sets is the classic crop top and short – perfect attire for hot weather while still being fashionable. Another form of matching sets is crop tops with a matching pair of pants. While this outfit may retain more heat, it’s still chic!

Sheer is another trend that has always been prominent at music festivals such as Coachella. Sheer is an easy way to make an outfit fashionable while not getting overheated in the scalding desert weather. There are many variations of sheer outfits and how much of it you wear depends on how bold you are with your style choices.

Western styles like cowboy boots, hats and bandanas are a trend that have been prominent at music festivals for years, but it has made its way not only into the hearts of festival-goers but into the everyday fashionable person’s wardrobe. 

These five trends – sequins, combat boots, matching sets, sheer and western styles – were seen tremendously throughout the first weekend of Coachella 2018 and will now influence the fashion trends for upcoming music festivals in the next few months. 

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