Faux Harry Potter Eyeshadow Palettes Break Internet

By Nicolette DeStefano


The talented wizard wannabe Spellsandstars on Reddit posted her amazing mock-ups of a series of eyeshadow palettes inspired from Harry Potter. Her designs not only went viral throughout the MakeupAdiction forum on Reddit, but it soon took the internet by storm. The palettes have become such an internet sensation that people are discussing copyright laws to turn this fantasy into a reality.


The eyeshadow palettes would theoretically come in four variations, all based off of the colors and themes of each house in the Hogwarts School of Wizardry.  Along with its contents, each palette has an emblem on the front which represents each house (Gryffindor, Slytherin,Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff). To apply the shadows, each palette includes two small quill-shaped brushes.


Aside from the packaging, the shades of each and every one of the colors in the four palettes are stunning. Along with the lion signal, the Gryffindor palette consists of bronze shades and glittering golds. The Ravenclaw palette is inspired from its wise roots including silver and navy blues to create the ultimate smokey eye. The Hufflepuff palette is more on the subtle side, consisting soft plums and silvers for those who want to make their brown eyes pop. Last but not least, the Slytherin palette has more earth tones including deep glitter infused greens and rich browns which create the perfect natural eye.


The eyeshadow shades inside of each palette perfectly represent each one of the Hogwarts houses. Aside from the color theme, the name of each eyeshadow shade also represents each and every one of the Hogwarts houses very accurately. Ravenclaw has an eagle-shaped navy color named Wisdom, Slytherin has a free snake-shaped shade named Cunning, Gryffindor has a lion-shaped bronze shadow named Bravery, and Hufflepuff features a badger-shaped metallic-green shade named Trust.


Spellsandstars has not released any new information about turning her mock-ups into real life for now, but hopefully feedback from fellow Redditors will influence this decision. Many Redditors have been talking up about details such as palette names to avoid trademarks, color selection, and selling the product on Etsy. Fellow Harry Potter fans seem to dig this idea, but it now only remains in the hands of Sspellsandstars to make this dream come true.

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