Fashion Designers That Use Vegan Fabrics

Stella McCartney was raised in London on the countryside. McCartney has been a vegetarian ever since she was young, so it was only natural for her to make the decision to not use any animal products beginning with her first line in 2001. That being said, the impact on animals isn’t the only reason that her products are vegan, but also because of the environmental impact that leather and furs cause.

In MattandNat, the breakdown is (Mat)erial and (Nat)ure. The brand is all for sustainability and all things clean living. Manufacturing warehouses use the SA8000 Standard of operations to maintain the proper treatment of workers, and they are visited regularly. Products are made cruelty-free, vegan, and out of recycled materials. MattandNat uses the motto that “If you haven’t used it in the last six months, someone else can!”


SUSI Studios, based in LA focuses on compassion towards animals, humanity, and the environment. The founder Bianca Moran opened the first vegan eatery in the Philippines and worked to promote a cleaner, more compassionate lifestyle. This was incorporated into her brand. Alternative materials are canvas, hemp, faux leather, and denim.


Reformation was founded in 2009 by Yael Aflalo. Production takes place mostly in the United States or abroad using sustainable methods and materials. The brand believes in decreasing their fossil footprint, and does so by using an equation to calculate the carbon dioxide levels, water, and waste used and created. While not 100% sustainable, Reformation is farther ahead than a lot of brands.

Everyone knows the ever popular Giorgio Armani. Within the past year, the Armani Group made the decision to forfeit the use of all animal furs in their products due to the unnecessary cruelty, and because there are so many different technologically advanced alternatives out there. While not 100% vegan, they are headed in that direction.


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