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Artsy Makeup: Alined red lip with orange undertone and cool cobalt blue cream shadow smeared on one eyelid and under-eye.
Courtesy of @violette_fr

The bold lip has been a statement look for decades. A woman’s choice in her first cosmetic companion, rouge, was always obvious, due to the fact that it draws the attention toward the lips. However, as William Shakespeare would argue, “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” therefore it’s only fitting that in 2018, eyeshadows, pigments and glosses would kick lipstick to the back of the vanity drawer. The freedom to create a variety of unique looks using minimal product is perhaps what makes the solid eye the most fascinating trend yet. Below are 5 chic ways you can accessorize your most expressive features.


Courtesy of @glossier

Subtle Metallic.

A girl can always count on Glossier to take care of her minimalistic makeup needs. Of the latest additions to their coveted line of cosmetics, Lidstar has become a new favorite for many. Just like their other products, this one is as easy to use as 1-2-3…Swipe, pat, wink.

Glossier’s Lidstar in Herb ($18) is best applied with the middle finger for the most gentle application.


Courtesy of @milkmakeup

Peek-a-Boo Shimmer.

Let your inner beauty shine through as your eyes do the talking. Don’t be afraid to mix pigments for a color that is uniquely yours.

Eye Pigment mix of Sesh and Rave ($24), Topped with Glitter Stick in Techno ($30) by Milk Makeup. Use Morphe’s G16 Oval Shadow brush ($6) to pack on and blend out the pigments, and allow your pinky finger to act as the perfect tool for adding highlight to the center and inner corner of the lid.


Courtesy of @milkmakeup

Hot Mess.

Artfully and purposefully done, a messy application w/ eyegloss will help you to achieve this daring, night-out style. Pairing it with a natural, (teased upwards) brow and clear gloss on the lips will ensure that your eyes remain the stars of the show.

Eye Pigment in All Nighter ($24), Eye Vinyl in Tunnel ($20). Both products by Milk Makeup. This look can be recreated with the index finger, for maximum control and impact, and the middle finger for blending, as well as eye gloss application.


Courtesy of @violette_fr

Zero Gravity.

Don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines. This playful pink is the perfect partner for prominent eyelashes and a nude lip.

Details are unknown, but you can recreate this look with Morphe’s powder eyeshadow singles, a mix between ES57 Pretty In Pink and ES31 Barbie Girl ($2.50).

I’d recommend packing on the color with a stiffer brush, similar to Morphe’s E14 Oval Shadow Brush ($7), dragging the pigment in order to make contact with the front of the eyebrows, and then blending with M332 Fluffy Crease ($7) for a softer appearance.


Courtesy of @violette_fr

Full Eye Coverage.

Make heads turn with eyes that don’t play around. A subtle contour will best complement your beautifully painted lids.

While the details are unknown, to achieve this look you can use Estée Lauder’s  Pure Color Envy ShadowPaint ($26) in Midnight Fury for the bulk of the lid, Jaded for the lower lash line, and a touch of Sweet Sin on the inner corner of the eye.

Using Morphe’s G28 Flat Definer brush ($4) for creating the dramatic shape and defining the lower lash line, as well as G15 Small Oval Shadow brush ($4)  for filling it in. Your pinky finger, as previously mentioned, is best for applying the highlight, in this case, Sweet Sin.

So, Blush readers, have you found a look you’d fancy recreating? Perhaps you’d even like to “makeup” your own! If so, we’d love to see you post it on Instagram and tag @blushmagfit #blushmagfit

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