The Evolution of the ‘One That Never Got Away’: The Fanny Pack

By Nicole Plonski

Some things in life come and go, others just don’t seem to disappear. When it comes to fashion, it is not so different. I’m sure we can all think of a trend that has overstayed its welcome and one that had SO much potential, but slipped away before you were able to try it, just…like…that.

Then there’s the fanny pack. An accessory that is a contradiction in itself. For years, even soon after its introduction to the fashion world in the 80’s, it has carried a negative rep. However, despite all the hate, people have stayed by its side…or is it the other way around?

Over the decades, the fashion accessory has remained attached at the hip of many, but never in the way it is now. Here is the evolution of the one and only…fanny pack.

The fanny pack in its first stages: an addition to EVERY and ANY outfit because of its practicality. Everywhere one went, the fanny pack would come along. It was used for exactly what it was made for doing, and that is holding small articles and money around the waist or hips for easy and quick access. Fanny packs were not intended to become a fashion statement, and while they did not turn into one in the 80’s, the styles being sold and worn at the time accurately reflect the fashion of the period.

What’s that? You thought I wasn’t going to include this legendary photo of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson? Good one. If anyone is to show the true spirit of the fanny pack in the 90’s it’s ‘The Rock,’ tissue under the elbow to protect the turtleneck and all.

Now people have started to frown upon the fanny pack and slowly but surely spread the word of its cringeworthy characteristics, focusing more on look than practical use. Many people opted for other options to carry their belongings, but a certain group of individuals held on closely to the accessory: tourists. If anyone was ever hesitant to classify someone as a tourist, the fanny pack gave it away. Obviously the main priority was not their outfit, but maybe make it a little less obvious?

Nope. This guy wants you to know he is a tourist, doing touristy things, wearing stuff tourists wear, and taking pictures gesturing like a tourist.

Justification for the granny, I mean, fanny pack? It is one less thing to carry. Plus, you can’t forget it if you just don’t have to take it off.

You simply bought a fanny pack and wore it to a music festival without decorating it? Do you even rave? The fanny pack is now an accessory that is socially acceptable if it looks like you made it. Basically, Do-It-Yourself, or… don’t do it.

There is fashion, and then there’s Coachella attire. Between the hair styles, layers of fabric, and jewelry, the fanny pack does not stand out at this festival. It is worn to slightly assist in transforming an outfit from “ready” to “Coachella ready,” without any judgement from others. The whole aesthetic of the festival overpowers what is one item. The fanny pack is not making a statement.

Fanny pack on a red carpet? Easily laughable information… an hour before THIS. Sarah Jessica Parker wears a designer fanny pack with a designer gown and it looks GOOD. Anything is now possible. A fanny pack can look modern.

Designers realized that they can play around with the original look of a fanny pack to make it more appealing and interesting, and so fanny packs achieved high fashion regard.

Sofia Richie strikes a pose with her Louis Vuitton fanny pack. It is the center of her outfit…literally.

There is now a clear change in the effect of the fanny pack. It is the main focus. It IS the fashion statement. Practical what?

And pictured here is another way to wear a fanny pack; a way for the fashion statement to make a statement. Fashion is always evolving.

This is cool. The fanny pack IS cool. Let’s take advantage A$AP!

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