Editor’s Picks: Grace’s November Monthly Medley

A mood board of everything Grace has been loving this semester


Happy December everyone, the best part of the year is almost upon us. Thanksgiving is over and god, sweet God, finals are almost here. Now is the time to enjoy the beautiful things in life! It balances out the hours of studying and time spent in libraries, at desks, or taking tests. In the past two months I’ve garnered a list of items that, as it turns out, are all very applicable to the end-of-semester season. Whether you read through this as an act of procrastination or purchase these items to enhance your finals experience, Godspeed to you, and good luck.

First things first, my favorite item is a fleece jacket that my mom gave me during my trip home for Thanksgiving. I didn’t know I needed one until I had it, and let me tell you, I don’t think I have taken it off since. It is the perfect in-between jacket that keeps me warm wherever I am – It’s a jacket I can wear in my dorm, or on the cold commute to school. So versatile! A blanket of a coat!

Next, while on the topic of outerwear (do you like my photos, by the way? I feel like a low-budget sitcom star with a lot to say) Is my green vintage coat. I found it for less than five dollars at a Goodwill in Queens! A vintage coat is perfectly flattering, and quality is of the highest importance. I am neither cold nor unstylish.

As I walk to class in the morning layered to the gods, there are two things that could be in my hand: A Dunkin iced coffee (caramel and cream) or hot coffee in my new travel mug!!! I love this thing!!! It came with reusable straws and is 13$ on Amazon. (If you don’t have a reusable straw by now, you’re required by law to pay me five dollars, sorry.) Though it doesn’t have the magic of a Hydroflask, it will keep your drink steamy for a good three hours. That’s kinda hot!

This treck is, of course, after I’ve had some brekkie, which is cookie butter on toast. For lunch, I have cookie butter with pretzels. As a before-dinner snack? Cookie butter. Then, for dessert, cookie butter. I…. Am addicted. Nothing more to see here.

In all honesty, I’ve also been pretty dependent on Poptarts as a quick breakfast or on-the-go snack. Meanwhile, in the past 30 days, I have spent 15$ on Trader Joe’s apple cider. Can someone, like, get me a financial advisor?

I’ve been getting pretty into accessories lately, especially these earrings that I found for 2$ at Icing on Black Friday. Some may judge a sophomore fashion student for still shopping at Icing but in my defense… they are cute earrings, and I like them!! And they match with my nail polish, so deal with it. I’m going to throw a tube of Carmex into this paragraph because it is the epitome of my beauty routine at the moment.

In my downtime (which has been on the decline) I have been reading Fashion Climbing by Bill Cunningham, the late fashion street photographer. It is the most interesting book I have read in a long time! I’m inspired whenever I lay my eye on a page.

On Spotify, artists like Huxlee and The 1975 have been receiving all of my attention: the former for creating great feminist bops and the ladder for their long-awaited album that recently came out, igniting the fires once again inside each Tumblr girl from 2015.

Finally, if you’ve noticed the stained glass background, let me explain: In a class field trip to the New York Historical Society, we learned about Tiffany Lamps from the first half of the 1900s. It sounds boring but was actually so fascinating, and if you have some free time or find yourself on the Upper West Side, get yourself a ticket to see the many beautifully colored lamps of America.

Anyways, that is all for November. Good luck with finals season and enjoy your winter break! Make sure to treat yourself with care, create a list of your own picks and use them to make your life a little better when you can.