Eco-lum: Here Are Some Cute Reusable Totes in Light of the NYC Plastic Bag Ban

In light of New York City’s plastic bag ban, here is a list of reusable totes so you can avoid the extra nickel.


If you haven’t heard yet, NY has enforced a bag waste reduction law, effective March 1st 2020. This means grocery stores and food establishments cannot use plastic bags anymore, or give them out to customers. If you want a paper bag, they now cost 5 cents each. An estimated 23 billion plastic bags were thrown away last year in New York alone. Not only do they litter our trees, sidewalks, and parks, but they clog recycling machines due to chemicals and dyes used. These facts are in addition to the negative environmental and wildlife impacts plastic bags have shown us.


Here is a list of 5 reusable totes that work for all errands and occasions. If you are not in the market for new items right now, Blush encourages everyone to reuse any plastic bags they currently have! 


Market Bag Non-Customized

Global Citizen makes a classic market bag  that is handmade by mothers in Bangladesh. These 106 dedicated mothers receive fair trade wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund. The bag is water resistant and can carry over 100 lbs.    


FEED 10 Bag

Feed Project’s cotton tote comes in four different colors. This company provides ten meals to children in need per tote bought, with tons of other charity incentives with their other products. Feed provides meals in 63 countries around the world, including America. They have provided over 100 million meals to date! 


Lush Fighting Animal Testing Bag

Made of organic and fair trade cotton, Lush’s Fighting Animal Testing Bag benefits Indian artisans, and cotton farmers with fair trade jobs. The bag is completely vegan and promotes a great cause, all while being a part of the environmental efforts to get rid of plastic bags, sounds like a triple threat!


Natural Cotton String Bag

Zero Waste Store is a small U.S business I frequently mention because they ship with zero plastic or waste! Their paper tape is water-activated and the packing peanuts dissolve in water. This tote is perfect for carrying a ton of stuff because it seems to be ever-expanding. It comes in natural cotton or black. I used it going to the beach last summer and it fit a towel, snacks, sunscreen, and more. With this bag, I didn’t bring any sand home with me either! 


Baggu Standard Nylon Tote: ‘Have a Nice Day’ Graffic

This Baggu tote gets an honorable mention for having the classic NYC aesthetic. There’s a few color options but the best IMO is the have a nice day! logo. This bag is sure to get compliments from other NY natives, while promoting eco-friendly items.