Eco-lumn: 5 Healthy Hand Sanitizers to Shop That Are Fragrance and Dye Free

A list of good hand sanitizers, so you never have to get a headache from just the smell of artificial dyes and fragrances again! (cough cough, bath and body works, looking at you) 


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Dr. Bronner’s

My go-to hand sanitizer, even before the pandemic, has always been Dr. Bronner’s. This brand is employee-owned/ran, organic, with the best natural ingredients. They manufacture it with post-consumer plastic, which we love. 



Wipes are also perfect for hands, body, and any surfaces. Things like hand railings, doorknobs, steering wheels/stick shifts can all use an alcohol wipe to them! These have just one active ingredient with no added dyes, fragrances, or fillers. Perfect for sensitive skin! 


The PH Company

This wouldn’t be Eco-lumn without including small businesses! If you’re looking for a natural yet powerful sanitizer, the PH Company is the right pick for you. I love this business because they are health-focused and talk about a lot of toxic ingredients in standard wellness products, and how to make lifestyle changes to feel better. 

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It's a scientific fact that commercial brand hand sanitizers actually weaken the immune system! . . . Yes they kill 99.9% of bacteria but if you understand how the immune system works, it actually needs bacteria in order to produce resistance to certain forms of bacteria(which is how they came up with the concept of vaccines, they literally mimic exactly what your body is already designed to do on its own!, so if you kill all the bacteria then your immune system literally begins to shut down!! . . . It's a scientific fact that most essential oils are naturally antibacterial, microbial, fungal, and viral so trust and believe two sprays a day of our hand sanitizer will keep bacteria away! . . . Go to right now for the best handmade natural/nontoxic personal hygiene essentials on the market!! . . . #handsanitizer #kobe #marathoncontinues #thephcompany #naturaltoothpaste #fluoridefree #aluminumfree #vegan #naturaldeodorant #teethwhitening #healthylifestyle #cancer #fuckcancer  #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness

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The Fanciful Fox

Another small business I love is The Fanciful Fox. I first discovered this company at a vegan pop-up shop and have been hooked for years. The mother-daughter team are Brooklyn natives and make everything by hand, with love! Their hand sanitizer comes in three scents, my personal favorite; the appropriately named Subway Rider. 

Homemade Betty

I discovered Homemade Betty at a vegan pop-up shop as well! Even though the price point might be a little higher compared to mainstream/ grocery store brands, I love and support small private companies. Homemade Betty was founded by a mother looking for natural solutions without any harming ingredients even for children, so you know you’re getting high-quality handmade items free of any artificial ingredients. And her hand sanitizer has actually become a best seller! 


Stay happy and safe, everyone!


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