Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

By Caitlin Madden

Sometimes Halloween sneaks up so fast that you’re not prepared with the costume of your dreams. So what are you to do when you unexpectedly get invited to a party on short notice or decide you want to dress up after all? Try some Halloween makeup; you can use products you already have so you don’t have to spend money and you’ll still look like you’ve been planning for weeks.

a857099b90707471d3764bee1da6c1901.  Bloody Anything– A smoky eye paired with faux blood puts a scary twist on any costume. Throw on your old cheerleader, nurse, or princess costume with some fake blood from the party store, and it’s a whole new look. Bonus points if you add the blood to the actual costume as well.


2.   Mermaid– This one is so easy. Take a pair of fishnet tights and hold them over where you would contour and fill in with a few sparkly colored eye shadows of your choosing. Pair with loose waves, a maxi skirt and a bikini top and you’re under the sea ready.


3.  Ice Cream– Use pink eye shadow or face paint to draw drips down the top half of your face; attach a cone to a headband, and you’re melting ice cream. Check out @desiperkins on Instagram and YouTube for some sweet inspo.


4. Deer– Some heavy contouring, big false lashes, white polka dots and a cute little nose, and you’ll look as precious as Bambi.


5. Pop Art– Draw in some bold brows and use black eyeliner to outline your features, and then use white eyeliner or red lipstick to draw small dots all over your face.  Finish off with red lips with a drawn on highlight and you’ll look like you just stepped out of a comic book.

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