Early 2000’s Trends Making a Comeback

By Michaela Del Viscovo 

Looking back at fashion from older decades always triggers a medley of emotions. Whether it’s the free-spirited kick we get from watching 70’s movies or empowering vibe of the 80’s, nostalgic feels are inevitable — and quite frankly, enchanting. Getting a glimpse into the lives of people decades ago is fascinating as it transports us into a time in which we’ve never experienced. If you’re a millennial, this goes for just about every decade but one, however. Can you guess which one?

The 2000’s!

It’s safe to say that this decade emulated the least amount of sophistication of all. Heavy makeup, midriffs, miniskirts and even micro miniskirts saturated tabloids and fashion magazines. It’s a decade known for its embarrassing trends. But, for some reason we can’t help but hate to love the decade and all that comes along with it because we grew up during this age of perplexity. As we were pre-teens at the onset of puberty during this time, it made sense we were compelled to the equally as problematic trends of the time.

Just when we thought the trends of the 2000’s would never make a comeback, the subtle hints of the early Y2K resurgence started flooding in. These trends may not reach the masses overnight, but some very distinct trends of this decade are inching their way back in. Whether you love them or hate them is your own decision — but one thing we can all agree upon is the utterly nostalgic sensation these trends exude. That’s reason enough for me to hop on the bandwagon for some of them, even if I can’t help but feel like I’m Paris Hilton at the peak of her demise whilst wearing a mini skirt.

Red Leather Pants. Don’t believe this? Just take a glance at Gucci’s S/S 16 runway. Proof from Alessandro Michele, and is a better source of approval even possible?screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-11-01-53-pm

Lace Up Crotches. I think we can swap out the low-rise jeans for a high-waisted pair, but a lace-up crotch has promise.


Pashima. Not very functional, hard to stay put without moving your arms, but chic nonetheless, right?


The Slip Dress. Already a popular trend that’s emerged from the 90’s, maybe this time around the slip will get y2k inspired update… ruffled hems, anyone?


Fishnets. The type of hosiery that can either make you look like as effortless as Kate Moss if done right. Or like Paris in this picture if done wrong.


SHRUGS! Not quite sure if Jennifer Aniston makes a resting case with this outfit, but a shrug can easily be a darling addition to any outfit. In this case the shrug just isn’t working with that dress, sorry Jen.


Fun trimmings. Whether it’s beaded trimmings or marabou, adding some spunk to the bottom of your jeans or shirt won’t do you any harm.


Slouchy leather newsboy cap. This hat is already all over retail stores, but the patent leather is an interesting twist.


















This particular hue of pink in general. It can possibly go down in history as the most used shade by millennials in 2016.


Vertical striped pants. Another trend that has already surfaced, but doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


Dresses over jeans. Perhaps a bit of a stretch, but we’ll get there.



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