Dr. Denim x Blush: Autumn/Winter ’17

Dr. Denim, a jeans brand sold worldwide online at drdenimjeans.com and available at select Nordstrom locations in the US, is both the inspiration and outfitter behind our
Dr. Denim x Blush: Autumn/Winter ’17 shoot. By giving a nod to NYC streetwear looks, and while wearing our cool denim Millennial uniform in the shoot, we’re representing FIT’s trendy sense of style and fashion culture. 

Dr. Denim was founded in 2004 by the family Graah, with a sole operation in mind – “to make every day a denim day.” And why not? Jeans are now more than ever the basis of what we wear; our closet’s foundation, the everyday clothing of choice in our young and all-inclusive society.

The company is based in Gothenburg, but by being sold globally, it’s collaboratively helping to define the future of fashion one pair of jeans at a time. Denim is not only biggest off-the-moment trend but also a fabric that’s changing socially and culturally. Dr. Denim knows just what we want in a pair of jeans to get you where you’re going. To say that of the company is to say that when you’ve bought their denim, you’ve got yourself a pair of modern and contemporary jeans.

Creative Director: Jewelle Trotman Photographer: Michaela Lawson
Stylist: Sean Rodriguez Makeup Artists: Taylor Cross & Melissa Malave
Hair Stylist: Jazmin Thomas Videographer: John Groves Video Editor: Nestor Menjivar
Models: Taylor Bushey, Jeisheng Greenberg, Johana Supreme, Hana Mahmoud 
Text: Brinley Knopf
Jeans: Regina
Jeans: Plenty
Jeans: Zoe
Jeans: Dixy

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Check out the “behind the scenes” from this shoot!


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