A-dough-rable Doughnuts: Treat Yo’ Self

Written by Aurora Hinz with pictures by Sabine Smith

Welcome to the first installment of our “Treat Yo’ Self” series. All of these pieces will be written about the sweetest, most Instagrammable dessert spots with a little heftier (but not too hefty) price tag. We will be highlighting treats that are not only pretty to look at, but always super yummy and reliable on any day a college kid might feel like splurging a little (especially to celebrate the end of mid-terms or finals!)

This week, Sabine, our roommate Meganne, and I hit up the Doughnut Plant on 220 W 23rd Street. We got half a dozen donuts for $24.50. The average price of each donut was about $3, which is a little more than the typical donut, which is why it makes these perfect for a treat  yo’ self day on a college budget. We got six different flavors of the non-vegan donuts, and Meganne got the chocolate-chocolate vegan donut. Here’s the ratings:

1. Vanilla Bean: 4/5

This was a yeast, fried donut, which was probably closest to the traditional glazed donut. It was super airy and had a very light vanilla flavor, however it had a very unique chewy texture.

2. Matcha: 3/5

This was a cake donut, covered with a thick and creamy matcha frosting. The design was super cute and the matcha flavor was not too overpowering. The cake was even a little ginger-y not too dense, like many cake donuts can be. The frosting was a bit flaky, so we suggest grabbing a couple napkins for the road.

3. Black and White: 5/5

This was another cake donut. The outside, (like a black and white cookie) is covered in white and dark chocolate frosting. The inside is also a mix of vanilla and chocolate dough. To me, it tasted a little bit like a graham cracker. The frosting melted as soon as you put it in your mouth, but was not too rich or overwhelming. It was the perfect combination of both chocolate and vanilla.

4. Apple Cinnamon: 3.5/5

This cake donut is a seasonal flavor (among many) available this fall, 2017. It smelled like fresh apple pie, but the actual flavor was not very “apple-y”. You could mainly taste the cinnamon crumble that came on top of the maple frosting.

5. Blood Orange Rose: 5/5

This was a yeast donut shaped like a rose! The flavor was not too strong and the glaze melted in your mouth. It tasted a little bit like an orange Dreamsicle. The dough texture reminded me of a cinnamon roll. This was by far the most gorgeous donut I’ve ever seen, and was also the favorite flavor of the six that we tried out.

6. Coffee Cake: 2/5

This cake donut tasted exactly like coffee. Sabine thinks that they may be soaked in coffee because it was very moist. It was very bitter and a little too crumbly for my taste. It was definitely not what you would think of as “traditional” coffee cake, so don’t go in expecting it to be very sweet. For coffee lovers however, you may like this one!

7. Vegan Chocolate-Chocolate: 4/5

The vegan donut was very good! You know vegan desserts are good when you can’t tell the difference between the regular and the vegan treats. The dough was a bit bready but it was still pretty fluffy. Meganne thought it could’ve used even more chocolate flavor, even though the amount of icing was very good.

Here are the facts:

Address: 220 W 23rd St.

Vegan/Vegetarian Options – YES – They offer a variety of vegan donuts, however, they vary per day so make sure you check their selection online before you head out!

Delivery Options? –  YES -The restaurant is located on Postmates and Door Dash.

Easy to Find? – YES, Although there is scaffolding over the business right now, it is easily recognizable due to its donut covered windows!

Food Safety Grade – A, this place is 100% guaranteed tiptop food safe and sanitary!

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