Fall’s Hottest DIY Fashion Hacks

While retail therapy has become an addiction and a go-to quarantine activity, DIY fashion hacks still reign during these times. From TikTok to fashion influencers, infamous bloggers like Camille Charriere, Jenny Walton and Taylor Hage have taken up recycling to find creative ways to renew their styles using their pre-owned clothing.


It is also important to note that the pandemic has affected the working conditions of laborers in the fast fashion industry, by far the worst. From no pay to factory fires these people have experienced an upheaval worse than ours. For example on December 8, 2019 in Delhi, India a fire occurred at the factory that produced clothes for fast fashion brands, killing almost 40 people experiencing major human rights violations. So, it is our responsibility to promote sustainability in fashion. And what other than fashion hacks can be more fun and thrilling?


Scarf Tops

Scarf tops have been all the rage this summer. Influencers worldwide have been adorning their old scarves as tops rather than head gear. However, the scarf can be worn in more ways than the classic tube top with a fold and knot in the back. Here are two fabulous yet easy ways to tie the scarf as a top.  You can also switch scarves while wearing the same style to create new looks.

Option 1: A front knot bandeau top

Woman wears blue and white scarf as a bandeau top with a knot in the center

Put on a strapless bra and wrap the scarf around it, while bringing the end of it in the front. Tie the ends making a bow and either tuck them pulling the ends under the bra or let it hang long. For more detail, check out these simple instructions for your new bandeau.


Option 2A halter-neck top

Fold the Scarf diagonally to create a large triangle. Tie the diagonal end across the neck and the folded part of the scarf at the back.


There are so many other ways the scarf can be worn. You can also check out Komal Pandey’s video on Instagram, as she posts ways to wear the scarf in her series Fashion Therapy. She also shows how you can style these tops at your comfort creating an entire new look for yourself.


A Statement Swimsuit

With the beaches closed this summer, our favourite swim pieces have found themselves stored in the backs of our wardrobes. Bring these swimsuits into the light, and play with them by wearing them as a casual top or style them up as statement pieces. Take examples from these trendsetters who have done that themselves. 

Option 1: A Coachella look

The Jenner sisters walk on the grass at Coachella, Kendall wearing a brown suede vest, bikini top and jean shorts

Reminiscing Coachella? Worry no more. Style like Kendell Jenner by putting on your favourite bikini top, a cute pair of shorts or jeans and some summer boots. Accessorize with some bohemian jewelry, and you have created your own Coachella look using your bikini top.


Option 2: Lady with a purpose

For a serious business look, style your one-piece with a pair of formal trousers or a pencil skirt and an oversized blazer. To complete the look, add a pair of pumps and wear your hair in a low bun or pony. Now you are ready to conquer the world.


Tik Tok Trends

Addison Rae wearing jeans

In love with the asymmetrical jeans Addison Rae has been wearing in her TikTok Videos? Same. But don’t go out to buy new ones—Paige Sechrist, rising TikTok star, has shown how to recycle old men’s  jeans to DIY our own crossover jeans.


if anyone wants a tutorial on this top lmk <3 #style #diy #fashion #thriftflip #upcycledfashion #xyzbca #sewing #thriftedfashion #sustainablefashion

♬ all credit to TATI – Dylan Shefman


You can also check out her video where she uses an oversized tee to upcycle it into a string bandeau top.


These are just two of her stunning fashion hacks and upcycling tutorials. You should definitely check out her page as she engages in trends through recycling her skirts, tops and even shoes. These hacks expand your wardrobe while at the same time, help the environment reduce fabric wastage and create sustainability.


All in all, there are so many other ways that you can wear our old items to make them look new. Another great way is to borrow. Take for example, Camille Charriere, who shared with Elle, “I have been doing this with friends. When you’ve worn something once or twice, to a wedding or something, we all know we get a little bit bored of it (especially with Instagram culture). We can’t really help it. So instead of throwing things away, or buying something new, just tell your girlfriends, ‘hey, come borrow three of mine and I’ll borrow three of yours.’” 


Try these fashion hacks and see for yourself how your wardrobe increases without spending a single dime. And don’t forget to tag us in your looks! 



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