Detachable Jeans Top “Weird Denim” Trend

By Alondra Yenyete

It seems that as seasons change designers and retailers alike are pushing the world of fashion design to crazier heights than it’s been pushed seasons before, after all, that’s what fashions for, right? Denim is the newest material to experience this wave of weirdness.

From Topshop’s clear knee plastic panel jeans to Vetements full-on cheeks out “butt jeans”(not a good look might I say), retailers are pushing the boundaries of what jeans used to be. Limits? Well, there are none when it comes to denim these days.

Opening Ceremony is the latest to join in on the trend. The New York retailer is selling a pair of Y/Project short-jeans for $460. Yup, they’re exactly what they sound like. The high-cut trousers come with detachable jean legs. In case you’re like me and like carrying little to nothing in the warmer months, instead of lugging around more than one pair of bottoms, why not have 2 in 1? The pair comes with upper thigh and lower booty cleavage, which seems to be another big trend following us and one that might be staying with us this summer. But, if you’re not a huge fan of the booty cleavage than this pair is definitely not for you.

When we step back and think of how far we’ve come with denim and the beauty that is denim, it may seem like detachable jeans are just what we needed. They can be the perfect option for the girl who’s constantly in need of a quick outfit change, especially when the weather in New York is as unpredictable as it has been in recent weeks. On the other hand, what if the jeans, when turned into shorts are, well, so short they might as well be briefs themselves? And I know it seems harsh, but when did our regular jeans become just too regular for the world of fashion? I’m a big believer in trying whatever new or old trends you want, heck, I love being on the subway and seeing a girl come on with her own twist to a pair of jeans, but I just can’t let go of my simple high-waisted vintage jeans just yet.

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