Dad Style: From Embarrassing to Fashion

“The 90’s are back whether you want it or not,” said the stylist of a local vintage store, near Washington Square Park. It’s ironic to watch the fashion community turn toward the least expected source of inspiration, the suburban dad, for further evolution. His canvas baseball cap indicated that he must be a fan of the movement.

The world of which mocked jeans that were anything but skinny, is opting to size up. With an attitude that is reminiscent to the 90’s Dad, looser fitting jeans are merely a stretch into the trend that has taken over the runways of this fashion month. Bulky clothing gives a nod to the style-made-for-comfort crowd.

Nowadays when you walk down the streets of Chelsea, you’ll more commonly find an abundance of wider silhouettes…think sweaters, trousers, and coats galore. However, it just doesn’t stop there.

Where there is a trend, there is Balenciaga to take it to the next level. Dad-like chunky sneakers are the latest to hit the runway and streets of fashion month. With an exaggerated presence and worn details, it seems that Balenciaga is attempting to imitate real life suburbia.

Some may argue it’s more “ugly” than “chic,” others will combine the two adjectives to more accurately describe the unexpected movement. Recalling a time where denim on denim was considered a sin, it seems that even the Canadian tuxedo has found a way to make a resurgence.

Athleisure wear is another favorite amongst many a millennial, which makes sense that Adidas would decide to capitalize on revamping their classic tracksuits. The Pharrell Williams, Hu Holi collaboration celebrates tie-dye and vibrant color choices of the aforementioned decade. Look out, dads!  If you’re not wearing this to pick up your morning mail, are you even with it?

So how did Dads become the center of attention, this season? Perhaps it is their carefree candor, or maybe it’s their lack of interest in trading their vintage Levi’s in order to “get with the times.” Well, dads, whatever it is…the fashion community seems to think you’re “all that and a bag of chips.”

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