Cool Girls Wear Cool Shirts

By Brinley Knopf

At 5-years-old, Alice Jacob is a feminist; she doesn’t want to wear “just pink and princesses and stuff like that.” She likes Superman, Batman, rock n’ roll and sports. She wants the T-shirts to match, but when she goes into the Gap, what does she find? 

Cool shirts for boys, but what about for the girls who aren’t into pink, princesses or poodles? Why is glitter the go-to?

Alice wrote a letter to the Gap, and in no uncertain terms told the retailer that girls like superheroes, too. Her request for “cool shirts”  was personally answered by Gap’s CEO and President, Jeff Kirwan. His email to Alice, in which he called her “a really cool kid with a great sense of style” told of Kirwan’s plans to “work on even more fun stuff that [they] think [she’ll] like.”

Kirwan sent Alice one of his favorites, a T-shirt with Rey from Star Wars, to which Alice said, “[It’s] pretty cool. I’m going to wear it to school tomorrow.”

Take note, parents. As Beth Jacobs, Alice’s mom, said, “Big changes start small.”

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