Come On World: Meet the Fashion Brand that Marries Punk Culture with Surrealism

In today’s world, fashion is not for the faint-hearted, and pret-a-couture brand Come on World believes just that, with designs that encourage the wearer to plunge into a realm far outside of reality. 


Unafraid to marry punk culture with surrealism, the petit atelier, established in Miami in 2019, debuted their third capsule collection, “Join the Come on Army ” at NYFW on February 13. The 30-piece curation is an ode to street movements in Chicago and New York during the 60s and 70s, further taking inspiration from the deconstruction of traditional military uniforms. 

Images provided by Come On World

Designed by Pia Barberis and creatively directed by Florencia Marci, Come on World is not for the faint-hearted. Their garments act as a plea of defiance, whilst still remaining firmly rooted in tradition. Craftsmanship comes without compromises, with impeccable heritage tailoring seen in their suits, trousers and dress shirts. Elements of modernity are further sprinkled in with sharp shapes, rigid lines and wide lapels. Traditional perceptions of sophistication are challenged by punk flair. Come On World isn’t afraid to confidently clash plaids, experiment with garment lengths and embrace unconventional color schemes, to create aesthetically pleasing, avant-garde designs. 

Images provided by Come On World

The Army collection encourages experimentation, with a fusion of fabrics, from tartan, to velvet, to organic cotton, each strutting down the runway, respectively. This collection also proved to be the first to feature accessories from the brand. Edgy chokers, belts and bags are styled alongside their tailored counterparts, elevating each look. Their experiential designs play around with fabrics like tartan, velvet and organic cotton. This reimagination of traditional plaid allows for a world of possibilities to take shape. 


As a new design house, Come on World embodies fashions shift to genderless clothing. Their pieces are designed with the individual in mind, rather than satisfying the stringent rules of respective fashion-gendered traditions. They also engage in the production of limited-edition pieces and couture garments.

Images provided by Come On World

Previous collections are said to draw inspiration from music, cinema, art and time-periods. Come On World’s last collection, The Victorian was  born from artists in the Victorian era, whilst Glam Punk, the brand’s first collection, drew upon surrealism. Army, instills ideals of voyeurism and detachment from oneself, where connection and sensuality are impossible to grasp, particularly exacerbated by today’s current climate. 


Impressively, each piece remains timeless whilst also reflecting the prevalent aura of our time. Written within the brand’s foundation is consciousness, engaging in “responsible production, for responsible consumers.” With this belief in mind they leave behind the out-dated tradition of seasons, and rather embrace the fluidity between collections, producing two a year.


Lead Designer, Pia Barberis states that each new collection is designed with the previous in mind, ensuring these older pieces do not become obsolete, but rather complement its predecessor. Creative Director, Florencia Marci believes the “common denominator is their house material, tartan.” 

Images provided by Come On World

All garments in the Army collection are produced in-house at the brand’s micro-factory in Little River, Miami. This small factory is symbolic to Come on World’s conscious production, with a team of locally-employed tailors and seamstresses bringing life to these idiosyncratic designs. However, it can be considered as more than a factory; housing their artelier, studio and office HQ, making Miami the center of operations for the brand. Further, the factory has transformed into a safe-space that fosters one’s ludic spirit, encouraging Barberis and Marci to experiment and investigate new concepts. This thoughtful production encourages cultural freedom and conscious consumerism, with craftsmanship at the forefront. 


If you value the classic style of a tailored suit, but your inner-child yearns for the freedom of punk culture, then shop the genderless and ageless collection direct from, or via brick-and-mortar at their boutique in Miami. The brand is also stocked at Flying Solo in New York, Wolf & Badger in London and for the first-time Wolf & Badger in New York. 

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