Color Casting: How to Manifest with Color

Colorful Swirls
Original artwork by Emma Westbrook

We live in a magical world; everyday the universe is communicating with us through moon phases, tarot cards, sunsets and synchronies. As a practicing witch, I work with the natural elements to manifest desired outcomes. By doing this I am able to communicate back with the universe and cast intention. In both art and magic, everything has a meaning- from food, to days, to numbers, and of course, color. As a witch and a Fabric Styling student at FIT, color is one of my favorite ways to manifest- whether is be through my hair, nails, or clothing. In this article, I’m going to teach the different meanings that colors hold, and what they represent, magically, so you too can manifest with color.


The color of the root chakra. Red is a powerful and strong color that invokes a confident, grounding, and passionate energy. Wearing red shoes is a good way to invoke the color red. Since the color is grounding, wearing the color on your feet will enhance the properties. I like to use red color magic when I have an important meeting. The color provides me with a strong and unshakeable sense of self.


The color of the sacral chakra. Orange is a creative, playful, and flirtatious color. Orange provides joy and vitality. The perfect opportunity for connecting with the color orange would be at an art gallery opening. Wearing orange will create a energy that is perfect for networking and feeling inspired. Orange is a high energy color and vibrates positivity for interacting with others. The crystal carnelian, which is a reddish-orange color, is known as the salesman’s stone because it provides the wearer with charisma and confidence.


The color of the solar plexus chakra. Yellow is a warm and jubilant color. Yellow opens up our minds to receiving positive energy and success. Wearing yellow will increase one’s mood and will attract opportunities for growth. Yellow is the color of the sun and working with it magically can provide similar benefits to sunbathing. My favorite way to work with the color yellow is on a rainy day. When sunshine is not available to us, we can create the same energy with yellow color magic.


The color of the heart chakra. Green is one of the most powerful colors to work with because it has many governing properties. Being connecting to the heart chakra, it can be used to enhance your love life. The heart chakra is also the center of healing so if you’re going through a vulnerable time, green can heal and comfort you. The past two years I have lived in a green painted room, this color has made me able to heal from past love life trauma and grow into healthier relationships. Green is the color of the earth and represents growth. This growth can be manifested in combination with the heart healing but can also be manifested in the form of prosperity. Green is also the color of money, so working with green allows us to attract prosperity. The past two years I have lived in a green painted room, this color has made me able to heal from past love life trauma and grow into healthier relationships. Pink, although not associated with a chakra, can also be used to heal the heart chakra and to attract love. The combination of green and pink is extremely powerful for those going through a breakup.


The color of the throat chakra, the ocean, and the sky. The color blue allows us to open ourselves up to honest communication. The energy that blue provides allows us to be vulnerable without fear. Being a color that is connected to two huge parts of the natural world, blue deepens our connection with the universe. Blue also provides us with a sense of calm. Blue is a good color to work with when you must express yourself. The conversations cultivated with the magic of the color blue are honest, balanced, and productive.


The color of the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is the center of our intuition. Purple is the color used to connect to magic itself. Purple is also a psychic color. When I give tarot readings I always have purple candles burning and amethyst crystals to help me connect with my intuition and give the best readings possible. If you’re interested in deepening your spiritual practice, try mediating and visualizing a purple flower blooming over your third eye which is the spot between your eyebrows.


The color of the crown chakra. Similarity to the third eye chakra, the crown chakra is magical. The crown chakra is the point in which the messages from the universe flow into our minds. White is also a cleansing color and can be used to release what no longer serves you. To increase your communication with the universe or to cleanse your crown chakra you can visualize a white light while washing your hair. This is a really effective way to stimulate the crown chakra and work with the color white. The combination of physical chakra massage and visualization is very powerful.


Black is not associated with a chakra, but it is does carry some very important properties. Black is the color of protection. The protection provided by the color black is both psychic, emotional, and physical. As a woman living in New York,I am always trying to protect myself. Putting a black key chain on my keys is a good way to expel unwanted energies. Since I am mainly concerned with protecting myself while on the street, the keys are an ideal place to work with black color magic.

By painting my nails blue purple color I am able to stimulate my throat and third eye chakras. My intention was to strengthen my intuition and to be able to communicate my feelings clearly.  
By dyeing her hair rainbow, Anna, receives all the properties of the colors. Green and pink for heart healing as well as blue for clear communication. She also receives the color magic of rainbow. Rainbows connect with all the chakras, and provide balancing energy.