Child’s Play

It’s wildly apparent that the younger generations seem to grow up more rapidly than the older ones. Children of today outgrow dolls and Disney faster than we got the chance to smother on some Lip Smackers.  From Lolita to Child Pageants our fascination with women children and child-like women has always been around. The young want to look mature, the mature want to look pure. Ask Jessica Valenti and she’ll tell you it’s our obsession with sex and virginity. Ask Blush and we’ll show you the merging of the old and the new, where the fetish begins. Let’s take a step back and reminisce on the classics of our generation– from a very different, more seasoned perspective.

Artistic/Creative Direction: Michaela Del Viscovo

Assistant Creative Director: Cassandra Gagnon

Photographer: Gillian Milberg

Stylist: Gaby Azorsky 

Hair and Makeup: Sydney K 

Model: Ruthie Hanan – NY Models


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