Cheap Eats: Pies n’ Thighs Restaurant Review

The fried chicken game in New York City is extravagant. At Pies n’ Thighs, located in Williamsburg (166 S. 4th St. Brooklyn, NY), you can experience life-changing chicken, pies, donuts, and sides. All of their meats are humanely raised and served hot and fresh. They serve amazing southern comfort food and have been awarded Best Donut in New York by New York, Best Biscuits in New York by the New York Daily News, and Best Apple Pie and Best Fried Chicken in national surveys by Food & Wine and Bon Appétit. Consider this post as Blush Magazine’s endorsement of everything on the home-y, curated menu at Pies n’ Thighs. They serve brunch during the weekends and lunch and dinner everyday. 

The Food

The Mexican-American-Californian inspired food is comforting, familiar, and satisfying. The founders were inspired by the Slow Food movement’s attention to ingredients. This means that their beef, chicken, and pork are all humanely raised and are hormone and antibiotic free. The servings are hefty. After all, the best way to receive fried chicken, as the pro’s know, is on an overflowing plate complete with golden flaky biscuits, and two mouth-watering sides. 

The fried pickles are crispy, light, and seasoned perfectly. They are great to share, since there is usually a little bit of a wait to get a table (especially on the weekends), before we get to dig into the main courses. 

Photo by Aurora Hinz

The biscuits are incredible! They are SO buttery, fluffy, and are always baked to a perfect golden-brown. These are the kinds of biscuits you can rip the top off and eat by the layer, although they’re difficult to not devour on-site. 

Photo by Aurora Hinz

My obsession with the fried chicken should not be understated. It has is the crunchy chicken skin of your wildest dreams! The meat itself is tender, juicy, and not overly-greasy or heavy. My roommate’s go-to is the chicken sandwich. The behemoth of a chicken cutlet that is pictured below, is served on a biscuit with bacon, jack cheese, L.T.O., avocado, mayo, and your choice of fries or a salad. 

Photo by Aurora Hinz

The seasonal side of mashed potatoes and gravy are smooth and creamy. The seasoned gravy balances it’s savory flavors with the sweeter herbs we associate with poultry. 

I’m also in a very deeply committed relationship with the french fries which are always evenly-salted, crispy, and served hot. 

The desserts, as a whole, are the definition of decadence. If you’re too full to try one right after your meal, bring a donut or a slice of pie home in a doggy bag to save for some late-night munchies (you’re welcome in advance). 

The Drinks 

Pies n’ Thighs offers a wide selection of beverages. The menu includes wine, beer, homemade lemonades, sodas, and homemade iced teas. If you’re ordering the fried chicken, I’d recommend either an Arnold Palmer or an iced tea to keep those tastebuds refreshed. 

The Atmosphere & Location

The atmosphere is crowded, busy, and loud in a way that is bustling and vibrant. It’s rustic decor brings the southern vibe to life, inclusive of giant red-tin hens and a barn-like back-room. Yellow lights are strung from their awning, a welcoming beacon into their cozy establishment. The smells are mouthwatering and unparalleled. 

Pies n’ Thighs is a must-try place for any lovers of fried chicken, southern comfort food, and freshly made donuts and pies. You will not regret your experience here.