Cheap Eat of the Week: The Search for Student Specials

By Jewelle Trotman

As a college student in NYC, having a cheap food connoisseur is essential. We all want to save money, but why sacrifice a good meal? I’m here to let you know that you’ve got options! From deals to discounts, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s a secret: a lot of places have discounts for students, but don’t advertise it. A student ID is like a pass for savings. If you have it, use it to your advantage. Being a college-goer has tons of perks, like discounts on shopping, entertainment, and most importantly…food.

There are a lot of great food places within walking distance of FIT. All of these spots offer at least 10% off when you show student ID.


People have many pizzerias to choose from in NYC. Receiving a discount can be a deciding factor. Students can stop by and get money off of an already inexpensive food! Like most pizzerias, Bravo has a wide assortment of slices besides the basic cheese one. Try some out and find your favorite.


GiGi Café

A nice, spacious cafe is the perfect place to enjoy a discount and get some work done. Daily specials are often advertised which may encourage you to try something new. Like most cafes, the menu consists of sandwiches, soups, salads, pastas and more!



Make Thursdays a grocery shopping day at Gristedes and receive a discount for being a student. This store has just about everything you’ll need for cooking. Even if you need a general item, there’s a good chance Gristedes has it.


City Gourmet Market

Conveniently located on the corner near FIT, this place can be a student’s new go-to shop. Newspapers, toiletries, snacks, and hot food can all be found here. Meals come in good portions. Try the burger and fries, great quality and a good price.


Just Salad

In the mood for something healthy? Going to Just Salad is great choice. Orders can be made simple or dressed up with the various toppings from protein to fruit. Despite what the name suggests, there’s more than just salad- they’ve got wraps, smoothies, soups, and grain bowls too!


Yes, even nice, sit-down restaurants have student discounts too! Get your Thai food fix at Songkran, it’s a short walk from FIT. Stop by for lunch or dinner for a good deal. For more information about Songkran check out this cheap eat article.



It isn’t hard to find food of different cultures in NYC. For FIT students, Russian fast food is only a few blocks away. For those who like to try foods from different places, Teremok is the spot to visit. There are crepe like items to order and other traditional and non-traditional things as well.


V Life

Being vegan is often difficult and sometimes expensive. Luckily, students can catch a break at V Life. This small eatery is located right by FIT, anyone can go and find something they like. Smoothies, wraps, desserts, and more can be found at V Life.


While searching for savings, a girl overheard me asking about student discounts. She showed the cashier that she had student ID. Since she had already paid, it was too late. And of course, she was disappointed. Don’t be that student — no matter where you go, ask about student discounts. You may be surprised what your ID could get you, show it with pride and save some money.


Know some “cheap eats” and want to share it with fellow students? Email me at to drop some suggestions!