Cheap Eat of the Week: Mamoun’s

By Jewelle Trotman

As a college student in NYC, having a cheap food connoisseur is essential. We all want to save money, but why sacrifice a good meal? I’m here to let you know that you’ve got options! From deals to discounts, I’ve got you covered.

Calling all vegans, vegetarians, and meat-lovers alike! Do you want to have a speedy, healthy, tasty, satisfying, wallet-friendly meal? Head over to Mamoun’s — there are two Manhattan locations to choose from in both the East and the West Village. The East Village location is newer than the West Village one. It has more seats and additional menu items. The original Mamoun’s in West Village is a classic NY hole in the wall spot with few seats. They play good traditional Middle Eastern music in the restaurant. It’s generally upbeat and catchy. The spot is right by Washington Square Park so you sit and enjoy your food there. There is usually music being played and other forms of entertainment to go along with your meal!

Mamoun’s is my personal go-to falafel place. The falafel at Mamoun’s has the best texture and taste by far. I don’t dare to get falafels from anywhere else anymore because they just leave me feeling disappointed. If I ever crave a sandwich, I make the trip to the West Village location (it’s the only Mamoun’s I’ve ever been to and I like to stick with originals). At the West Village location, the service is quick and it’s nice to take your meal and eat in the park. The falafel sandwich itself is hearty. For those who don’t know, a falafel is a ball made of chickpeas and it has a grainy taste. It comes with lettuce and tomato — I always order it with extra tahini “white” sauce. If you’re a brave soul, try the hot sauce. I treat myself to a either a Sprite or grape soda most times so my total meal comes up to $5, such a great deal.


I rate the falafel sandwich 4.5 /5


119 Macdougal St

New York, NY 10012

Subway- A/C/F/1/2


Check back next week for some more cheap eats!




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