Cheap Eat of the Week: Marty’s V Burger

Written by Aurora Hinz, editing and pictures by Sabine Smith

As a college student in NYC, having a cheap food connoisseur is essential. We all want to save money, but why sacrifice a good meal? We’re here to let you know that you’ve got options! From deals to discounts, we’ve got you covered.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – If you’re ever in need of a filling, flavorful and trustworthy vegan burger joint, look no further! Marty’s V Burgers offers burgers, fries, crabby patties, drumstix, mac n’ cheese and even desserts at cheap eats prices! Their ENTIRE menu is vegan and everything is under $15. For this article, Sabine tried out the #1 Combo. This $10.89 meal included an “Original World Famous Burger”, freshly made fries and either a can of soda or fountain beverage. The “Original World Famous Burger” was a burger patty  with “cheese” (tasted like kraft singles – but vegan!), special sauce, pickles, shredded lettuce and topped with a sesame bun. Sabine also tried out a gluten-free oatmeal cream pie, for $4.36 which was basically a vegan take on those Little Debbie cookies we all used to love as kids.

Unlike many vegan places where you find that maybe one or two aspects of a burger may be better than others, this burger was entirely cohesive. Everything from the “cheese” to the patty made from black beans, seitan and rice worked so well together. The fries were still super hot and fresh when they gave them so us and were seasoned perfectly! Our carnivore friend, Dayna, who had never tried vegan food before LOVED her burger. This place is a great starting point for those who are interested in trying vegan food, because it guarantees a positive experience for everyone involved. The fact that it is located straight across the avenues from the FIT campus can also save you the metro fare if the weather ever decides to lighten up a little.

Here are the facts:

Address: 134 East 27th St. (Straight down a few Avenues- only a 20 min walk!)

Vegan/Vegetarian Options – YES – The whole menu is vegan but just like the sign says, you won’t be able to tell.

Delivery Options? –  YES – Visit for more information!

Easy to Find? – YES, They have a huge sign and are located right on the corner of E27th and Lexington Ave.

Food Safety Grade – A, this place is 100% guaranteed tiptop food safe and sanitary!

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