Chanel Channels Collaborative Efforts With Pharrell x Adidas

Chanel, the almighty fashion house, rarely collaborates with other brands. But, we are living in a time of great change for Chanel. On November 21st, the brand will be launching an Adidas Hu NMD shoe in collaboration with Pharrell Williams. This shoe collaboration will be sold at Colette pop-up shops.

I know, it’s a lot to take in.

Colette is a French high fashion streetwear and accessories retailer. Unfortunately, Colette, located in Paris and beloved by Karl Lagerfeld, will close its doors after two decades. In honor of its closing, Chanel has taken up residency on Colette’s first floor, where the shoe collaboration will be sold.

While there are no official images of what the shoes will look like, there have been hints circulating around the internet suggesting that the shoes will be black and white, and will come with the words “Chanel” and “Pharrell” written on top.

Below is a mock image of what the shoes will supposedly look like:

However, this is Chanel, which means there is more than just shoes to talk about! Chanel will also be selling exclusively designed t-shirts by Karl Lagerfeld and model Caroline de Maigret is scheduled to give a talk on “style and allure” at the pop-up shop.

Chanel’s pop-up shop opened on October 30th and will continue to stay open until November 25th, about a month before Colette closes on December 20th. Chanel plans to donate profits made from the shop and the collaboration to charity organizations supported by the Chanel foundation, such as UNICEF, Care France, Girls Inc., Acted, and more.  

Nevertheless, Chanel’s work with Pharrell and it’s new residence in Colette’s space will only continue to impact the fashion world…one collaboration at a time?

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