Blush Has a Podcast?!?

Introducing your new fave thing to listen to on your morning commutes, workout grinds, and sit-down study sessions: the Blush Podcast!!!

Hosts Alice Sungurov and Annie Burcea are ready to explore all sorts of topics in fashion, beauty, news and culture. They’re about to get real on surviving life in NYC and FIT—which is an area we ALL can use some help in.

Posted every Sunday, the first and second episodes are available here, or you can click the link in our header to check it out.

Get to know our lovely hosts, below!


Meet Alice

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What’s your role in the podcast?

I am the official host and producer of Blush Podcast. My job is to create fun and engaging content each week with personal anecdotes that are entertaining and exciting for any listener.

What’s your major?

I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in AMC with a minor in economics. I have a background in music theory, performing arts, and writing.

What are some fun facts about you? 

  • I speak both English and Russian and I have a dual citizenship.
  • I graduated high school early and lived in India.
  • When I was sixteen, I wrote and produced an EP, and was a featured performer at the legendary rock club, the Bitter End.
  • At age eighteen, I published a comedic self-help book for teenagers called How To Be The Popular Kid.

What’s your career goal?

My career goal is to either to be a radio or tv host, or be an executive producer of a talk show.



Meet Annie


What’s your major?

I am an AMC major here at FIT. I have a degree in Fashion Design from FIT as well. I wanted to pair my design degree with a business degree so that I could have a better insight on the industry and how it works from both sides, but also to have the opportunity of being able to start my own business in the future. 

I am a born and raised New Yorker. I went to the Fame High School (Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School) on the Upper West Side as an art major. I have always been captivated in the arts and in entertainment. Growing up in New York has given me experiences that not many young adults my age has the opportunity to go through and I hope to share those experiences through the podcast. I will be talking from a design background as well as a business background.

What’s your role in the podcast?

I am the official writer for the podcast, as well as a recurring co-host. As a writer, my job is to come up with the topics for each week’s podcast. As a co-host, my job is to entertain and inform you guys on all things Blush related.

What are some fun facts about you?

  • I speak two languages fluently, Hungarian and Romanian.
  • I Interned for the head designer of a freelance company, E.C.I New York, from ages 13-17.

What’s your career goal?

To work as an art or creative director for a fashion house or for a publication. I definitely want to be able to mix my background in the arts with a business or editorial type position.

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