Blurring Barriers with Fashion

Taking on the identity of a feminist appears to be a daunting endeavor. Today, feminism entails fearless, outspoken individuals smashing preconceived ideas of sex, race, and class embedded within society.  They lead marches, exude confidence and uphold the determination to blur barriers separating women from men. However, in order to mold into the modern day feminist, you can make a loud statement without saying a word with Lucca x Wildfang’s new suiting: ‘Style + Culture for the Modern Feminist.’

Lucca x Wildfang introduces a collection of tailored suits, fit for any occasion, embracing femininity instead of rejecting it. On their website, their suit prices range from $42-$188 and pieces are sold separately so that customers can simply buy a matching set or buy mismatched pieces for extra flare. Often a suit is fitted to be worn inside the office, but crafted with such simplicity, women can either casually wear these pieces to work, on the weekends or on a night out with a friend.  These classic silhouettes and sharp lines frame a range of different body types that enable any women have an edge to her style, while subtly bridging the gap between gender roles.  

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