Birchbox: November Favorites (3/3)

Throughout this review series Birchbox has turned me on to so many things that I would’ve never tried otherwise. The same is true with this week’s final pick, the Living Proof STYLE|LAB T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler.

I am definitely a hair snob when it comes to my curly-coily tresses. I tend to only use haircare lines that have proven to work for my fellow curly girls so in all honesty I never would’ve tried the Living Proof STYLE|LAB T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler. However, since using it I haven’t regretted it one bit.

With my thick hair and the cold harsh elements of a New York winter I was clearly unable to give this a go on my entire head of hair because I needed a lot of product. But I sectioned and styled my hair as I usually do and with great surprise I actually approved of the styling cream.

The Living Proof STYLE|LAB T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler was the perfect consistency to define my natural hair pattern.  So I went on to do the rest of my hair with my own holding products.  I then went about my day to see how it would hold up and furthermore if it would look any different than the rest of the sections of my hair.  Fortunately for me it was a good hair day.

So the Living Proof STYLE|LAB T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler was an equally amazing product as my normal products yet I do not believe I will be fitting this into my every day haircare regimen.  This is mostly due to the fact that I could not use the product to its full ability and ensure it could work for my entire mane and last throughout the week before buying a full size. The verdict: it’s a good product but it’s simply not a perfect fit for me.

UPDATE: Before wrapping up this final review it’s only right that I update you guys on my Birchbox favorites.  Think back to my first Birchbox review where I couldn’t get enough of the highlighter.  I’ve been able to get several uses out of this one sample therefore and has worked its way into my every day make up routine. It’s continues to give me that bright, dewy, natural silver glow throughout every single day.  I’m in love and I have to thank my matchmaker, Birchbox!

You can get the Birchbox at, I promise you won’t regret it!  If you’ve been loving these weekly beauty reviews keep up with all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle with us @BlushMagFit.  And if you’re simply going to miss me of course, I’m on the gram and the tube but more importantly I’m always around!

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