Birchbox: November Favorites (2/3)

This week’s review was a true eye-opener. Though I am extremely familiar with under eye creams and serums as well as liquid lipsticks, Birchbox reignited the fire I had for the two with this week’s picks: Marcelle’s Hydra-C Eye Contour Gel-Cream and Smashbox Cosmetics’ Always on Matt Liquid Lipstick.

Kicking off this review with the Marcelle Hydra-C Eye Contour Gel-Cream I must say, as usual, I was a skeptic… as I should be. Eye creams never made sense to me because I didn’t feel like I needed them. They always seemed to cater towards wrinkles that I don’t have.  However, I did have some slight discoloration under my eyes that I’ve always wanted to work on.  I used the under eye gel-cream over the course of a week and took before and after pictures. These are the results.

While the sample size only last me a week, I was amazed to already see changes in the color under my eyes. My under eye area was nearly the same tone that it is when I conceal under my eyes. So basically the tone it should be if I ever got a good night’s rest. #CollegeLife With that said, I would definitely purchase the full size of the Marcelle’s Hydra-C Eye Contour Gel-Cream. With finals just around the corner, I’ll need it.

Continuing with the theme of refreshing a natural face, I was pleasantly surprised with the Smashbox Cosmetics Always on Matt Liquid Lipstick in the shade Driver’s Seat. When I first swathed this both on my wrist and on my lips I was ready to double dip the applicator but to my surprise all it took was one application. Can you say opaque?  This was so exciting for more than one reason.  One because I’m a starving college student and with a one-stop-shop like this I can make this sample last a lot longer and two it actually does as any liquid lip should.

It dries matte while creating a smoothing effect on the lips making them appear more plump, soft, and youthful. This is different from other liquid lipsticks because most formulas dry on your lips then dry out your lips.  While I did not have to use a little bit of a lip balm before applying (it’s winter) I only applied one swipe so that I could get the most accurate first impression as possible.

My Technique: Because the liquid lipstick is so opaque I actually opted for a more every day look by just dotting the lipstick on both my top and bottom lip.  But wait. Let’s be real. This color, Driver’s Seat, only works for my skin tone with a lip liner which I didn’t mind at all.  Lining your lips before any lip product application will always give the illusion of fuller lips and who doesn’t want that?  After lining my lips and dotting the lipstick onto them I finished up by smudging the lipstick across each lip with my finger. This can be done with a lipstick brush but I found it much more blendable when using my finger because it allowed the lipstick to warm up a bit and pull in the darker lip liner creating the perfect pout lip.

This particular selection from Birchbox really made me step out of my comfort zone and try new things.  The only issue I have now that I’ve tried them and grown to love them is… I simply have no choice but you spend more money on beauty products.  What was your favorite product out from the November Birchbox so far?  Let us know in the comments section of our Instagram @BlushMagFIT and stay on the lookout for the November Birchbox wrap-up!

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