The Best Looks from the BET Awards 2017

If you are reading this, I BET you’re curious as to who showed up to the Black Entertainment Television Awards on June 25 ready to impress the tabloids and the self-proclaimed fashion judges that are viewers, or ourselves, or just me.

If you are not reading this, then my witty attention grabber wasn’t as attention grabbing as I hoped. Maybe the next five looks from a night of celebrating African Americans and other minorities in music will make up for it.

Coming in pop is Draya Michele in one of the brightest fashion choices of the night, perfect for her skin tone. This look had me at yellow.


Did somebody say color?

Who would have thought a blazer could be fun…. Issa Rae, this one issa vibe(although i’m not a big fan of the hair)! The little addition of color in the clutch does a great job of pulling the whole outfit together.


Now this is what I call a “I’m going to make it look laid back and relaxed, but don’t fall for it(or do)” look. Red velour tracksuit, Gucci sneakers, diamond earrings, chains, watch and bracelet…c’mon Big Sean that’s a typical gym outfit for me. Either way, two thumbs up.


Why be pretty in pink when you can be perfect in pink. Logan Browning shows us how it’s done. I especially love the decision to apply red eye shadow, a color that is said to clash with pink, which nowadays is actually a desired color combination. This together with the white point toe heels turns the look into a modern take of a 1920’s burlesque feel.


Beyonce’s speech is not the only thing these two Queen B prodigies delivered. From head to toe their looks are a hit. The shoes are both statements in themselves. Chloe and Halle Bailey are nothing less than boldly but successfully fashion-forward and for that BOTH sisters are on my list.

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