The 5 Best Hair Clip Brands You’ve Never Heard Of

Hats, scrunchies, headbands, berets, our hair has seen it all. For the past couple of months, the popularity of the hair clip has soared stratospherically. There’s no doubt that it is the number one hair accessory at the moment. After scrolling deeply into the realm of Instagram fashion, I’ve saved you time and rounded up the cutest hair clip brands for your summer wardrobe. Sparkly, bedazzled, geometrically shaped, furry—there’s a hair clip for everyone!

Valet Studios

Remember the crystal-embellished hair clips you would wear when you were younger? Well I have news: They are back but more elevated than ever, thanks to the Australian accessories brand Valet Studios . Repping rhinestones, sparkles and abstract shapes, this brand is dominating the accessories market and remainsa a favorite to the many fashion bloggers on Instagram.

Kanel Denmark

Sadly there is no pot of gold at the end of Kanel Denmark’s rainbow color coordinated website but they do have a ton of fun hair clips which is essentially the same thing. These flower shaped hair clips are handmade in Copenhagen, and each hair clip is named after a girl that the designer knows, how adorable?


Not in the mood to chat? Let the hair clip do all the talking with Hvisk’s accessories. This fun Copenhagen based company is well known for their girly bags and hair clips emblazoned with fun phrases . Think you’ve said all you need to say? They offer plenty tortoiseshell or bedazzled clips sans-sayings.

Pico Store

This store is basically heaven for hair clips. They have almost every hair clip imaginable in every shape, color and pattern. Pico is based out of Copenhagen with stores throughout Europe. When I visited Copenhagen I visited the shop and went a little overboard with a hair clip haul; When in Copenhagen right?

Cities in Dust

Known for their statement pieces and 70’s flower shaped earrings, Cities in Dust is one of the hottest LA based brands for accessories. They recently introduced their hair clip collection. In the BEST way possible… and all of their clips remind me of an accessory that child-me would put in my Barbie’s hair.