Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’ Is The Breakup Record We All Need

There’s no denying that Ariana Grande has had a turbulent past couple of months. From the tragic concert shooting in Manchester, to breaking things off with her boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller, to dating and becoming engaged with Saturday Night Live comedian, Pete Davidson, to Mac Miller’s sudden overdose and then, to then, breaking things off with Pete- the girl has been through a lot.

Somehow, Ariana has been able to channel these events and emotions towards her music, and has finally her album, thank u, next, on February 8th, just 6 months after the debut of her last album, sweetener.

Ariana Grande on Tour

The first single, thank u, next, was released in November, immediately becoming the break-up anthem we all needed. In the song, Grande thanks her ex-boyfriends for teaching her love, patience, and pain- you go girl, be the bigger person!

Her second single, imagine, seems to lament on her past relationship with Mac Miller. In People magazine, Grande describes it is a romantic song for a ,“failed but beautiful” relationship.

Then, she released 7 rings, which immediately became the ultimate Girl Power song about spoiling yourself and your best friends. The title comes from her trip to Tiffany’s right after her split with Pete Davidson. According to Harper’s Bazaar, she bought her and 7 of her girlfriends engagement rings, drank lots of champagne, and then wrote the song.

The music video for 7 rings features an all-girl mansion party, directed by Hannah Lux Davis

Her latest single, break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored, has received some controversy on the terms that she’s basically confessing she wants to steal someone’s boyfriend. However, Grande has made it clear that she intended it to be a fun and light song… It definitely gives us Avril Lavigne, Girlfriend, and Taylor Swift’s, You Belong With Me vibes

Another fun, upbeat song is, NASA. The song opens up with the lines, “One small step for woman, one big step for womankind,” and then takes off into with lyrics about needing space from a significant other, wanting to self-discover, and ultimately wanting to put herself first.

Contrastingly, the song needy, is all about craving attention, feeling insecure in oneself, saying sorry too much, and opening up the vulnerable parts of oneself in a relationship.Ultimately, thank u, next, sheds a light onto the mature woman that Ariana Grande is becoming. She is dynamic, she is needy, cherishes alone time, loves her girlfriends, and, most importantly, her opinions and emotions are ever-changing. She is not nearly perfect, but she is is raw, open, and in the moment, and those are her greatest strengths as an artist.