Are Fake Freckles a Form of Catfishing?

When it comes to makeup there are so many things that we can highlight and create; longer lashes, fuller lips, sharper cheek bones and even freckles. In an age where Instagram and Snapchat filters can change one’s appearance for the better, many are worried that the person they find so attractive online won’t look the same in real life—this is otherwise known as catfishing.

Catfishing has become a growing worry among the millennial age due to the ever-developing world of social media, but are we now looking at makeup as a real life filter that can completely alter a person’s overall appearance?

Fake freckles are all the craze right now. Supermodels like Adwoa Aboah and new royal family members like Meghan Markle rock their natural freckles on every cover page and every television interview, so of course, women across the world aspire to be just as fabulous. To answer the question “are fake freckles a form of catfishing?” we must first analyze if other make up trends qualify as such.


Fake lashes can give you anything from a subtly fuller lash look to what seems to be wings attached to your eyes. Lip liner can give you the Kylie Jenner full lip look everyone is dying for and contour can make your seemingly chubby cheeks ones that can compete with Naomi Campbell herself. Yet some look at these as beauty enhancers rather than fakes. So, what’s so different about freckles? Most people put their “fake freckles” around their nose, under their eyes, and on the temples of their cheeks, this in turn enhances the eye area, makes the nose look a bit smaller and highlights the apples of the cheeks which can help that contour pop. With that being said, aren’t freckles just another beauty enhancer rather than a catfishing tactic?

According to Google, catfishing is to “lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.” When was the last time you heard of women or anybody for that matter, doing their makeup to lure a partner? It’s usually a self-love experience. So continue to rock freckles and compliment the many people who for so long have been ashamed of those very freckles that we’re all scrambling to get!

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