Alicia Keys and the No Makeup Revolution

By Mariana Suplicy Batista


When Alicia Keys declared in an essay this past May for Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter that she would go makeup free because she was tired of seeing so many women struggling to look a certain way, she had no idea that she was in fact starting a revolution.

It wasn’t until Keys’ red carpet appearance at the VMAs that people really started talking about her decision. In her new barefaced look, Keys, who has been in the media for a very long time, showed the world something that no one knew she had — freckles. As always, haters made sure to criticize her decision, but who cares about them, right? What really matters is the fact that Keys’ decision inspired women everywhere.

Celebrities share no-makeup pictures all the time, but usually only when they are at home or during a vacation. Keys was the first one to do that in an event appearance, where there are photographers and reporters from all over the world. Not too long after that, Kim Kardashian, who always declared her love for contouring and glam makeup looks, decided to do same at the Balenciaga show during Paris Fashion Week.


In a society in which looks still speak louder, women are constantly pressured to wear makeup so they can look like Hollywood stars, but when Hollywood stars decide to embrace their real looks, average women realize that it’s not only okay but also great to look like themselves.

With the pressure to look a certain way, women don’t always feel secure about their looks, but Keys’ honest attitude encourages women all ages from all over the world to love even their own insecurities, with no cover-ups.

When asked how she felt about going makeup free, Keys declared “I swear it is the strongest, most empowered, most free, and most honestly beautiful that I have ever felt,” and thanks to her, other women will also feel the same way.

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