Affordable Beauty Brands on the Rise

I think we can all agree on the fact that the price of makeup can really burn a hole in our pockets. We either see our favorite YouTubers, Instagrammers or celebrities using certain brands that could be really pricey, and we then splurge on the products. (Even though we all know we probably do not need any of it). However, there are multiple inexpensive brands we seem to forget about, that will work the same way – sometimes even better – as these high-end brands.

Listed below are 5 drugstore brands I recommend that will help us save money, while still looking like we spent hundreds of dollars at Sephora. Most of these products have everything: primers; foundations; concealers; powders; contour palettes; highlighters; eyebrow products; eyeliners; and lipsticks.


Maybelline mascaras


Personally, I believe Maybelline has some of the best mascaras.

I have not bought a high-end mascara in years, since I started using Maybelline’s products. The mascaras go from $6- $10. They are all volumizing, curling and long-lasting mascaras. Maybelline also has other amazing and affordable face and eye products. If you are looking for a full face of beautiful makeup, without having any money left in your bank account, Maybelline is the perfect option for you. You can find it in any of your local drugstores or Ulta.


Morphe makeup brushes Morphe has been a recent favorite of mine. I originally started using only their brushes, and now have almost all of their eyeshadow palettes and several other products. Their brushes are all below $20, and their eyeshadow palettes are below $49. Anything you buy from Morphe, is worth every penny you spend. You can find Morphe online and in some Ulta stores.


Colourpop lipsticks  Colourpop has recently been thriving in the beauty community. People have been raving about this brand recently because their products are worn on the face like a high-end brand. Their pigmented, creamy, easy-to-blend eyeshadows come as cheap as $5!!! Additionally,  their long-wearing, transfer-proof, matte or glossy lip products, come as cheap as $6!!! Go stock up on your Colourpop products before they all sell out. Colourpop is available online and some of the products are in Ulta.

Real Techniques

Real Techniques makeup brushes

Another favorite and affordable brush brand I use is Real Techniques. These brushes have been holy grail product of mine for a while now. I use them every single day and have yet to be disappointed. Additionally, they have their own beauty sponge which is only $6; cheaper than spending $20 on the Beauty Blender. I would take $6 over $20 any day! Real Techniques is available in Ulta and Target.

Eyes Lips FACE ( E.L.F )

E.L.F makeup productsLast, but certainly not least – E.L.F. I am sure you have somehow heard of this brand. They have products for as little as – are you ready? $1!!! Yes, $1. You may be thinking, do the products actually work? The answer is yes! E.L.F has become more popular recently, which led to the brand expanding tremendously. They have opened up their own personal stores, and added a skin care line as well. Go check out your local drugstores, or E.L.F store, and stock up!


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