Aerie Launches #Aerieman

By Taylor Bushey

Lingerie label, Aerie has finally released an underwear line for men- and in the best way possible. On March 23, a campaign video was released for the label with men of diverse backgrounds modeling all new underwear, representing each of their styles. Not only that, but they were in their own comfortable setting and talking about all of the reasons to be yourself.

This is exactly what the brand stands for. Aerie wants their label to symbolize a real person wearing their products and to be proud of that fact. They stand against the use of Photoshop and the unrealistic version of so many models people still see on the big screen.

Aerie has learned to stray away from the “normal” way of campaigning their products and are delivering what and how their customer wants to see and feel. People love the idea of wearing a product they won’t feel judged in unlike other lingerie stores, and it’s shown in recent sales.  

When the label first launched their initial campaign for women, there was an immediate reaction from the public, which led to more media coverage and store visitation. Now the brand has increased their market share from competitor, Victoria’s Secret and topped sales at the end of 2015.

With the label so well-known for women, it will be interesting to see the reaction in men when they visit the stores. It should also be noted that not many brands have any ads or campaigns that establish body peace for men. The focus has only been on women since they are the main consumer.

This new campaign has made great strides in how people see the way a product should be worn with pride. The label is able to recognize a struggle with how so many aren’t able to accept themselves or what they look like. Aerie has now made an effort for their message to be relatable with their customers and create a mass awareness with the issue itself.

Aerie has been able to set an example for different companies and hopefully more will follow. A message such as this brings positive awareness to oneself, which is something there needs to me more of.