Blush Magazine is one of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s student-run magazines. We cover topics related to beauty, fashion, and culture, with a focus on innovative design and industry trends.
Blush was first established in 2013 as a Print and Online magazine, created to celebrate and showcase creativity, fresh perspectives, and innovative thinking. In 2019, Blush expanded into podcast streaming, where every week The Blush Podcast posts a new episode about relatable and must-talk-about topics on all relevant streaming platforms (i.e Spotify, Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, etc.).
Blush Magazine produces one print issue a semester, in addition to our weekly online articles. Our social media presence spans across multiple platforms- including Instagram, and Linkedin
There’s a place at Blush for everyone, and our team is constantly growing. Members are talented, future industry insiders, ranging from writers, to photographers, to designers, and more. We are creative and innovative, with unconventional minds.
Funding for Blush Magazine (both print and online) is provided by the FIT Student Government Association.


Meet The Team

Blush Online


Kaitlyn Foley – Web Director


Grace Peisker – Creative Director, Acting Fashion Editor


Annie Burcea – Art Director, Podcast Co-Host


Alice Sungurov – News & Culture Editor, Podcast Co-host/Editor


Esther Heppekausen – Beauty Editor

Blush Print


Isis Rayne – Editor in Chief


Dani Zbodula – Editorial Assistant to EIC


Ava King – Managing Editor & Senior Fashion Editor


Caroline Levine – Assistant Managing Editor


Shruthi Nattanmai – Senior Beauty Editor


Justine Golata – Senior Culture Editor


Leah King – Photo Director


Cat Trzaskowski – Photo Editor


Concetta Defabrites – Beauty Director


Hannah Brower – Fashion Director


Kelly Fung – Art Director


Rylee Hanson – Public Relations Director


Luci Marie Hoitink – Social Media Manager


Amanda Baganha – Treasurer