A New Look on, ‘New,’ How Consumer Values are Making Renting Clothes Possible

We rent cars, houses and even movies all the time, so why not rent our clothes too?

For those of you who do not know that renting clothes is a thing, check again. Renting your clothes is cheaper, easier and even eco-friendly. Websites like Rent the Runway, LeTote, and Wardrobe are gaining more and more subscribers everyday. 

Renting clothes is not as big ~right now~ as it should be, but it might be the basis of our closet’s future. Just like subscription boxes, many of these companies run on memberships. By paying a certain amount a month, the subscriber can wear the clothes for however long they’d like, then return all together when the pieces lose their luster.As more companies decide to rent out their clothes rather than just sell them, they are creating a floor for new target markets and a bigger consumer base.

What happens when you fall in love with an item? Well, many companies allow you to buy your favorite pieces, so no need to worry.

rent the runway campaign image

Clothing rental companies are popping up all over the globe, and the biggest concern for consumers is wearing clothes that have been worn before. Are they dirty? Do they get washed? Will they be top quality or rip the minute I try it on? Trust me, I had the same concerns.

YCloset, a Chinese startup for clothing rental, answered all these questions with their latest online campaign. The video went viral by taking viewers on a tour throughout their laundry institutions. They showed massive washing machines, tons of steam presses, and workers who made sure every article of clothing was in tip-top shape between customers.

As the behavior of renting clothes grows, companies are trying their best to show customers that this is an eco-friendly and clean operation. Now that campaigns like YCloset’s advertisement, are coming about, consumers are enjoying the ease that comes with renting clothes.

As human beings, we naturally have the desire to want new things. But getting new things does not mean we need items fresh off the factory line, just to throw them out when styles change. If we detach the idea that all new things need to be new, our wardrobes can get larger without putting a dent in our wallets, and, consequently, the environment.mounds of wasted clothes

Remember that bright red dress you wore to you wore to your cousin’s wedding last year? If you had rented that dress, would anybody have noticed? Probably not because the dress is new to you. Data shows, Americans throw away about 12.8 million tons of textile annually. This calculates to about 80 pounds of clothing for each man, woman and child a year. Our “fads” are filling our landfills, and we don’t even realize it. Industries are trying to fix this with their recycling programs and re-sell programs.

Rental companies are using this environmental aspect to their advantage by showing consumers that this is a clean, green way to update your closet. Upcoming generations are caring more and more about the environment, by getting involved with easy behaviors, like renting clothes, to do their part. 

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