A Millennial’s Vogue App Perspective

By Taylor Bushey

The simple word “vogue” is associated with classic elegance and polished style thanks to the iconic magazine everyone loves today. Vogue Magazine is timeless, and needless to say one of the top magazines in the world. It’s no wonder an app was finally released to complement the publication.

After first downloading and opening the app, the user is first greeted with a short video from Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of the American magazine version, quickly giving a run through about how to navigate the features. Once the video is finished, the home page is displayed with trending articles such as the Met Gala red carpet.


Looking to the top of the screen, the user can navigate to different subjects like beauty and lifestyle. While scrolling, one can save articles to read later and the app also has the capability to personalize the content. Push notifications are also an added bonus as the app will notify of recent articles.

The app overall has a modern, clean cut design with easy accessibility- something I admire when looking at websites or other types of apps. Solid content is published and updated within each hour- sometimes minutes if a live event is covered.

Though, content may not be of interest to a millennial’s current taste in fashion. Today, the millennial age group looks for new, different editorials with more substantial meaning than what may first meet the eye. An inspiring interview with the latest model wearing Louis Vuitton is slowly diminishing in top things to read. Instead, a topic with controversial interest incorporated in a photo shoot may have more readership among the group.

There is also an argument to be made about how relatable Vogue is with younger readers. Much of the products and events discussed are out of price range and become harder to have significant understanding or desire to follow along. For instance, an article about how to wear Gucci clothing will have no relevance, but instead, a “you can look, but can’t touch vibe”.


This isn’t to say that the Vogue app won’t be successful, but its users should be expected in a higher age range due to what’s published, as it includes a style best suited for them.

I am a millennial however, and can’t say I don’t like the app as a whole. I do in fact find that it will be one of my more used fashion apps out of the bunch downloaded on my phone. Obsessed with luxury fashion and beauty products, Vogue is one of the first thoughts when looking for good quality insights. Although, when it comes to looking for more fresh, in depth topics, publications such as Refinery 29 and V Magazine will be my go-to.

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