A Gen Z Trend Gone Wrong: Nazi Tattoos

The visual the Tik Toker proposed that all of Gen Z get

Tik Tok was flooded this past week with videos recommending viewers to get matching Gen Z tattoos to represent unity, the only catch being the tattoo suggested is one that is indistinguishable from the Nazi symbol. 

Generation Z is probably one of the most connected generations in history, due to the rapid increase in social media use, especially the addicting app Tik Tok. It has never been easier to communicate with thousands of people across the world and make big trends and decisions occur. An example of this is in June of this year when thousands of Tik Tokers reserved tickets to the Donald Trump rally in Tulsa, only to have none of them show up. The fact that Gen Z could pull together a tattoo trend like this isn’t surprising in the slightest after the things they’ve done in the past.

While a matching tattoo trend seems like an okay idea in hindsight, one that signifies a hate symbol is not. Many users of Tik Tok are very young and not informed on issues such as this and it’s no wonder that a tattoo symbol like the one proposed was not discovered to be bad until later.

The idea was first proposed by Tik Toker @smoothavocado, who stated in the post which has since been deleted, “What if we, now hear me out…we all got a matching tattoo, not only as a symbol of unity in our generation, but also as a sign of rebellion.” People responded to this in dueted videos informing the public that they should in fact not get this tattoo, for it looks like the Nazi Wolfsangel symbol

A Gen Z woman mistakenly getting a Nazi tattoo behind her ear

The Nazi party originated during the 1920s when Adolf Hitler was in charge of Germany. Hitler was known as someone who believed in ideas of a superior race, practiced extreme nationalism, and blamed Jewish people for Germany’s issues. He killed millions of Jews, Jehovah’s witnesses, and several other groups.The organization he was a part of that practiced these ideals was the Nazi party and many symbols such as the Wolfangel’s symbol, represent the horrors of this organization.

It is a good thing that while there are Generation Z individuals who are old enough to get tattoos, that the age of consent to get one is 18, or it could have been possible to see 12 year olds walking around with Nazi symbols on them. 

Even though this was a scary trend that Generation Z had started, it’s important to recognize how connected they are and motivated to create change in a world that desperately needs it. The youth of this nation is still learning and growing and there’s no doubt that once they become more educated that they can do amazing things.