Your October Tarot-Scope is Here!

A tarot-scope combines the ancient art of tarot and astrology to provide guidance and self-reflection for each astrological sun sign.


Image by Emma Westbrook


Welcome to fall, witches! September 21st marked the first day of fall, the autumnal equinox, and Libra season! There is a lot going on this time of the year, and it’s extra magical. Libra’s are known for their objective minds and big hearts. Libra is ruled by venus, so this time is often dubbed as ‘cuffing season’. We are more focused on relationships at this time. We are working to balance all the work we did in Virgo season with some pleasure and play. We are winding down and getting cozy. See what energy is coming to you this October!


♎️ Libra


Happy solar return, Libras! Your card for this month is The Moon. This month might bring up a lot of emotions for you, which is not uncommon with a solar return. You’ll be asked to work with this energy to decide what is it you’d like to accomplish within this next year of your life. Your intuition will be stronger this month, tap into that and allow it to guide you. If you’re having issues hearing your intuition, spend some time meditating and practicing divination to strengthen your connection to yourself and the divine energy within all of us. 


♏️ Scorpio


Welcome to Libra season, Scorpio! Your card this month is The Six of Cups. This month you will be indulging. Allow yourself to feel the pleasures of life! Libra’s love treating themselves, allow yourself to adapt that energy this month. Go out and get yourself a new look, a bath bomb, or a fancy drink. You deserve it! 


♐️ Sagittarius


Happy fall my fearless archers! Your card of the month is The Six of Wands. This month will be good for you. You’ll be getting all the praise and victories that you deserve. You have been working hard, and people notice. Allow yourself to be in this positive and fulfilled energy. You will be feeling passionate and inspired, take this time to create something special!

♑️ Capricorn

Welcome to fall, Capricorn! Your card is The Three of Wands. This month there will be a focus on self. Your mind, body, and spirit, will be working together. You may come to some revelations about yourself and what it is you truly desire. There will be strong and driven energy around you this month. Use this time to go after your most recent goals. 


♒️ Aquarius


Welcome to Libra season, Aquarius! Your card for this month is The Ace of Wands. A new firey beginning is coming this month. You will be experiencing a new opportunity or relationship, that stimulates you creativity and passionately. This is an inspiring time, allow yourself to connect and flourish. 


♓️ Pisces


Welcome to Libra season, Pisces! Last month your card was The Queen of Cups, which symbolizes deepening our emotional realm. This month your card is The Queen of Wands! Instead of deepening your emotions, this month you’ll be working on manifesting your passions and desires. This energy is potent and productive. You’ll be feeling more connected and inspired than you have before. If you are an artist, you’ll be creating some really important work this month. 


♈️ Aries


Welcome to Libra season, Aries! Your card of the month is Lust! You will be focusing on the seductive side of life this month. With Libra being ruled by Venus, love energy is in the air! This card brings up a lot of Kundalini energy. For those who don’t know, Kundalini a hindu concept. It is a divine energy located at the base of the spine represented by a coiled snake. When the snake is awakened, we have epiphanies of passion and creativity, that eventually lead to enlightenment. This month you will be unlocking some potent energy, you will be feeling free to create and connect. 


♉️ Taurus


Happy Libra season, Taurus! Your card is The Aeon! This card represents a lot of growth and reflection. You are going to be going deep into your subconscious to unlock ideas about the future. Your past will be prevalent this month. You’ll be looking at the choices you’ve made and assess what you have learned, and who you have become. You can feel a little heady this month, try to do some grounding meditations to stay present. 


♊️ Gemini


Welcome to  Fall, Gemini! Your card this month is The Price of Wands. You are going to be experiencing a lot of forward moving energy this month. You are making important moves towards your future and true desires. Allow yourself to feel inspired and maybe even a little manic. You will accomplish more than usual this month, as long as you follow through with your ideas. 

♋️ Cancer


Happy October, little crabs!  Your card is The High Priestess. This month will be very spiritual for you. October represents when the veil to the spirit world is the thinnest. Get yourself in the spooky spiritual mood by doing some divination, or watching a witchy movie. You’ll be receiving downloads from the divine all month long, try to write them down so you don’t forget! Synchronicities are recurring themes or messages. The universe often communicates with us through synchronicities. Keeping a journal of these will allow us to see what we are being guided towards. 


♌️ Leo


Happy October, little Lions! Your card for this month is The Queen of Swords! This month is a time for you to work on your boundaries and communication. Be very clear on what you want and what you don’t. If something or someone is no longer serving you, it is time to release. You are strong, powerful, and you deserve respect. If someone is not treating you like the luxuruous lion you are, it is time to cut them off. But not without a well worded expression of your feelings!

♍️ Virgo


Happy October, Virgo! Your card is The Tower. This month you will be going through a lot of unexpected changes. Some things you felt were supporting you, may break down this month. This energy can be a bit aggressive and abrupt, but it’s nothing a grounded earth sign like you can’t handle. If cycles come to an end this month, just know that it is making space for the new. All that is being broken down is to create space for where you are truly meant to be. Trust in the universe.