90’s Fashion Making Crazy Comeback for Fall 2018 Season

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or just simply a person who enjoys taking the casual break from Netflix now and then to venture outside, It’s very likely you’re aware that 90’s fashion has been making a huge comeback lately. From supermodels like Bella Hadid, to your next door neighbor, or possibly the person riding next to you on the 1, we have seen several people on the streets casually bringing back 90’s trends and working it. Therefore, it’s safe to say that most of these trends will be sticking around, even when the time comes to say goodbye to those cute summer dresses.

After many intense hours of research (yes I’m probably exaggerating a little, but it did feel like a very profound and extensive investigation) I managed to compile a list of 90’s fashion trends that are here to stay for the Autumn approaching.

Mom Jeans


Even though the style isn’t the most flattering, as it does make your bum look flat and long, there’s something about these jeans that grasps our attention and makes us immediately think of the staggering amount of outfits that could be achieved… or is that just me? Whether you’re going for a quick iced coffee run, or a much needed night out with friends, this style could be paired with just about anything to achieve that stylish 90’s fashion look you’re going for.

Fanny Packs

Ask me what I thought about fanny packs a few months ago and I would have told you they were strictly for tourists and geeks. But this unpredicted trend has started to slowly grow as streetwear influences increase. We’ve also seen it on the runway, with interesting collaborations by Louis Vuitton and Supreme. With it’s current rising popularity, it’s bound to turn into a fall must-have accessory.

Dad Sneakers

Who would have thought we would be considering dad sneakers as fashion in 2018? Well, millennials have spoken, and they’re demanding large-sized shoes on their feet. We’ve seen many trend-setters sporting these sneakers practically everywhere, therefore creating a trend that is undoubtedly here to stay year-round. Not far from versatile, these can be paired with jeans, sweats and even dresses for that chic but sporty outfit.

Tinted Sunglasses


If you’re a fan of thrifting you’ve probably seen tinted sunglasses practically splattered on each corner of your favorite thrift shop, *cough cough* Buffalo Exchange. And who can forget those flashy purple sunglasses Britney wore on the Disney Channel red carpet? It seems as if this trend is quickly spreading. This accessory can be worn year-round, since it’s function is purely decorative. Wear them for lunch or on the red carpet, it’ll give your outfit that much needed pop of color.

Hoop Earrings


During the 90’s, wearing hoop earrings were typically associated with cholas: This term referred to a unique American and Mexican subculture which, if you ask me, represents feminine strength and a unique group of women. Now it seems, the hoop earring is an accessory that has invaded the ears of many women across the world. What once started as a stereotypical symbol for a specific group of women, is now seen as an essential accessory that complements any outfit, stereotypes aside. This trend is definitely here to stay for a limitless amount of time.


All photos courtesy of Getty Images.

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