90’s Bobs Are In RN

The 90s are back, baby! Well, okay, they’ve been back for a while, but obviously the revival isn’t going anywhere and if anything, it’s just getting bigger. One of the greatest trends of the 90’s was, of course, the bob: effortlessly chic with a blunt, shoulder-grazing cut, the hairstyle ruled the decade, and recently, the trend has been reemerging everywhere. 

Whether it’s sleek, straight, curly, flipped, or adorned with clips and bobby pins, there is a version of the ’90s bob for everyone. The reason the style seems to keep coming back could be due to its versatility. Able to be styled in so many different ways, it still maintains that easy, cool-girl vibe the 90’s always embodied no matter what.

Some are channeling Christy Turlington-vibes, like Kim Kardashian’s and Bella Hadid’s recent chops, while others like Kaia Gerber are opting for a shorter approach, a la Drew Barrymore. I, myself, currently have the quintessential 90’s cut, and have been loving Gwen Stefani’s punk pin-up girl look she was famous for back in her No Doubt days. 

Since its emergence in pop culture in the early 1900’s, the hairstyle has had numerous identities. From the Flapper era, to the 90’s, and all the way up to now, the style will continue to be an ever-evolving classic that will always come back around.  So call up your hair stylist, it’s time for a new do.