7 of Instagram’s Best Fashion Illustrators

What a wonderful place Instagram is. It’s an excellent social media platform if you’re looking to share pictures of dogs, food and, most importantly, fashion.

But fashion is a broad term. On Instagram, “fashion” can range from runway looks from Coach’s fall 2017 campaign and fashion photography on Vogue to daily OOTD posts and small-scale clothing designs.

In any case, Instagram is a great place to look for inspiration. And with inspiration comes creation — as is the case with fashion illustrators. Fashion illustration, otherwise known as fashion sketching, is the art of communicating fashion ideas through drawing, painting, etc. Instagram has a plethora of fantastic fashion illustrators, but here are seven fashion illustrators that are sure to leave you in awe.

1. @miyukiooo.y

One of the great things about Instagram is that it allows art to be shared all over the world — as is the case of @miyukiooo.y who is a fashion illustrator from Japan. She posts fashion illustrations of casual styles and street styles, taking inspiration from Japanese and American fashion. Some of her pieces even include outfits with drawings of clothing pieces from Zara, Gap and Uniqlo. On most of her illustrations, she adds information about her creations, often pointing out certain pieces. While you won’t be able to understand her writing unless you can read Japanese, it is refreshing to know that artists like her have an elaborate thought process about their own creations.

2. @edgar_artis

@edgar_artis takes fashion illustration to a whole other level. Instead of just using the traditional pen and pencil to create his pieces, he takes materials and ideas from his environment to create something new and exciting. All of his pieces involve some sort of 3-D aspect whether it’s from using flower petals to form a dress or using chocolate bars to form a suit. Not only his creative talent sets him apart from the rest, but also his high technical ability. With each model he draws, he pays attention to texture and color to create something lifelike. On his Instagram, you’ll also find his YouTube channel, another social media platform where he shares his design process.

3. @paperfashion

Otherwise known as Katie Rodgers, Rodgers is an artist based in New York who has worked for clients such as Lancôme, Coach and Christian Louboutin. Talk about name-dropping! Her fashion illustrations lean more on the simple but beautiful side. Scrolling down her Instagram, you’ll find that she has a more abstract take on illustration. Her illustrations involve a simple line-work figure with a variety of dress illustrations ranging from simple and colorful to detailed and dark. Side-by-side with her fashion illustrations, she also includes pictures of her travels and what her life is like as well as aesthetic photos and her process.

4. @_connielim_

Connie Lim is a fashion illustrator from Los Angeles currently living in London. She has worked with big-name brands such as Bulgari, Revlon and Guerlain. Her Instagram posts combine both fashion and portraiture. What makes her posts so intriguing are the piercing gazes she puts on her models and the details with which she draws her pieces. While most of her pieces are black and white, those that have color are breathtaking. She often involves elements of pattern and texture to convey her ideas. On her Instagram, you’ll also find her blog where she posts all of her work and more.

5. @sofies_illustrations

Sofie Nordstrøm, yet another abstract fashion illustrator, is able to capture her audience through her simple figures and detailed outfits. Most of her illustrations involve dresses and skirts. They range from any length, size, color and pattern. With each dress, she adds the tiniest of details from the strong ruffle of a dress to a colorful detailing of florals.

6. @meliquestreet

Mélique Street is a fashion illustrator and designer based in Milan, Italy. Street creates colorful, textured designs that involve high fashion or casual wear. Her most recent posts include her designs from sketch to garment in her Avant-Garde Dreamers Collection. Her most recent collection is not what you would wear for your average everyday look, but it is something to behold. With a color range from greens to blues, Street pays attention to the female body, with images of the female body on the front of some of her pieces, and a militarized style, with some of her pieces involving military-like colors and pockets.

7. @sassydufleur

This is an Instagram account for those looking for fashion illustrations that are a little simpler and a little more calming. While @sassydufleur is just getting started with her account, her talent is evident. She utilizes 3-D aspects into her illustrations and sticks to a color scheme of light pinks and purples. While her illustrations are simple, the way she arranges the flower petals to create a piece of clothing is beautiful. The great thing about following an up-and-coming account such as this is that you get to see the artist grow. No doubt, with time, @sassydufleur will continue to impress.

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