5 YouTube Beauty Gurus for Best Makeup Tutorials

Glam Masters, American Beauty Star and even America’s Next Top Model are just a few television series that have shown us the beauty world is no longer limited by color, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Male, female, Muslim or Asian, everyone appreciates a nice beat every now and then! This list of five YouTube beauty gurus are all great representations of just that.


Karen Yeung is a Chinese beauty guru with over 1.5 Million subscribers. Yeung covers everything from the glass skin makeup look that’s been popular in Korean fashion lately, to random but extremely cute videos like ‘How to Look Like an Apricot’. She takes her viewers step by step and reveals every product she’s using along with any tricks she’s picked up throughout her years of beauty experiments. Not only is she a great Guru for the many Asian beauty lovers of the world, but she’s also a great style inspiration for all.

Patricia Bright

This London beauty guru is fun, honest and trustworthy to say the least. If you’re looking to try a new product, go to Bright’s channel first. She spends the money so you don’t have to! Bright does real reviews on popular makeup items and gives tutorials on how best to use them. Buying makeup especially for darker women can be a challenge. Bright takes away all the guesswork so your make-up and skin care experience can be fun like it’s supposed to be.

Shahd Batal

Hijab wearing Icon! Batal has over 188,372 subscribers and is best known for guiding her viewers to complete some subtly glamorous everyday looks. She’s a guru recommended for first timers and the makeup junkies who enjoy an everyday slay. Batal’s specialty is dewy, shimmering skin no matter the season. If that’s the look you’re going for then she’s the guru for you.

Manny Mua

From funny makeovers to hilariously relatable and education tutorials, Manny Mua is the most skilled makeup artist on this list. Mua, a self-proclaimed “Boy Beauty Vlogger”, makes sure to take his time when explaining what he’s using and why he’s using it. If you’re a newbie when it comes to all things makeup, then Mua is the person for you. He informs his viewers on what hacks could work best for different skin types along with testing out some popular cosmetic items. With over 4.6 Million subscribers, Mua knows there’s many people that rely on his expertise and he never disappoints.

Christen Dominique

Ultra-glam looks are Christen Dominique’s go-to’s. She provides an in-depth education on all things make-up. She even goes as far as to explain the different ways you should hold certain brushes during application. She’s great to watch if you’re preparing for a big event or a glamorous night out.  Along with in-depth tutorials, Dominique also explores the differences between American beauty trends and that of other cultures. There’s no way you could watch a Christen Dominique video without learning something interesting and valuable.