5 Fashion Trends for Spring

Warm weather is almost here, and with that means shopping for new clothes. This year, spring is filled with light, pastel yellows, pinks, blues and purples. When stocking up on shorts, t-shirts, skirts, shoes, and accessories this spring, you should definitely invest in these 5 fashion trends.

Hair Clips

I’ve been seeing quite a few people around campus wearing hair clips as afashion statement. For spring, these clips can easily add a pop to yourspring outfit. The great thing about this accessory is that it is super affordable almost anywhere!

One of my favorite, go-to places for affordable, trendy products is Forever 21! The picture above is the multi-color barrette set from there- for only $2.90, and in the best Spring colors! (Two pinks, purple, blue and yellow!)

Tie Dye

A fun trend that I already have wrote about before for Spring 2019 is tie-dye! So don’t go throwing out any of your old, summer camp tie-dye shirts, because they are totally in style again.

You probably haven’t walked into a Hollister for years, but you definitely should. This blouse is made for going out to brunch, or a small get together- for $39.95. 

Snake Print

If you couldn’t already tell from walking on campus, or into your favorite retail stores, snake print is not going anywhere this season. It can be dressed super casual, for walking around Manhattan, or dressed fancy for going out! Best news is, you can find all the best snake print products for affordable prices and still make it look expensive! The blouse above is from ASOS for only $29.95! What a steal!

Sunshine Shades

Want to make your closet more lively? Then this is the trend for you! Sunshine colors such as, red, orange, yellow and pink are filling every store (and my wardrobe). Not only does this set the mood for Spring, but it also can boost your mood too.

My personal favorite color to wear is yellow– it makes the day happier, especially when the sun is shining. I love this yellow, floral tank top from American Eagle, which is on sale for $9! It is perfect for going to the beach, or when it is just too hot outside to wear sleeves. Equally notable is the basic orange t-shirt from Forever 21, also $9! 


Coming back from the 80’s is neon! If you’re looking to pop out and be noticed, neon is the way to go. This shirt is the Poplin Shirt from Zara for $29.90, and it is the perfect style for springtime. The neon green color will make you noticeable wherever you are and for how cute it is, it’s super affordable.