5 Fashion Apps to Download ASAP

  1. The Hunt

Have you ever seen someone walking down the street wearing the coat of your dreams, or scrolled through Instagram and seen someone with a cute outfit, but no clue where to buy it? The Hunt is an app that makes it super simple to find these items. Once a user starts a “hunt”, which means posting a picture of said item, the community then jumps in to help identify that exact product or similar items, and where to find them. Don’t forget to specify your size and budget for a more accurate result. You can also help solve hunts if you see a piece you recognize.graphic explaining layout and logistics of The Hunt

2. Depop

Depop is the ultimate online thrift store. It makes it super easy to sell your old clothing items and pick up some new gems, too. Depop allows you to create your own personal style shop by uploading Instagram-style photos of items you want to sell. Then you just wait for the app’s community to start clicking! If you’re looking for something from a specific brand, type it into the search bar and check out some great deals. The app doesn’t just stop at clothing – it includes art, illustration, books and records. The DIY vibe makes it a fashion blogger favorite.

Graphic explaining Depop and showing visuals on the iPhone

3. PS Dept

Can you imagine having your own personal shopper without having to leave the house and taking a trip to the mall? This is when PS Dept comes in. This app brings an actual style expert to you through your smartphone or tablet directly over a messaging system. For example, if you’re picturing a particular bag in your head but have no idea where to find it, send a request explaining the color, material, size, etc. of what you’re looking for. Stylists will get back to you with a selection of items you can purchase. They also suggest recommendations, advising of re-stocks, as well as any other fashion-related questions. There’s also a three-tiered membership program where you can sign up for Insider, Influencer or Icon status. These will give you access to exclusive sales, designer meet-and-greets, and even direct FaceTime appointments with a stylist.

Graphic of the app Ps Dept.

4. Stitch Fix

First, start by filling out a profile with your style, size and price preferences, then get five hand-picked pieces of clothing delivered (for free!) straight your door. You have the option of buying any of the pieces, and you can send back (for free again!) anything you don’t like. This is a great way to go outside of your style comfort zone. As you continue to ship and return items, the app will get a better idea of what you like. Another great thing about the app? No subscription necessary.

 a fashionable woman looking down at her Stitch Fix app

5. Stylebook

Stylebook is your virtual closet app that has multiple features, like letting you easily catalog every item in your closet, allowing you to plan out your looks, create packing lists, etc. The app comes with a calendar that lets you place outfits on certain days of the week, giving you some extra time in the day by not having to umm and ahh over planning an outfit. The style stats section tells you everything from your closet value, to a breakdown of what colors you own the most of, to a record of how often you wear certain items. This is super helpful when you’re trying to cut down your wardrobe or justifying an expensive purchase. Although it does cost $4, it could definitely help you save money, making it a worthwhile investment.  

A series of iPhones that show different screen grabs from Stylebook

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