5 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween is coming up fairly soon, and if you’re like me, you may not have any idea
what you want to dress up as. I have listed 5 Halloween makeup ideas that are easy, and
required nothing more than what you have in your makeup collection. No need for buying face paint or costume makeup, aside from fake blood. The following looks were all done by myself, and if you would like to see more you can follow my makeup Instagram @Kristinaspinosabeauty. Also, one of my close friends who is a photography major here at FIT, took these amazing shots for me @megorourke_photos.

1. Vampire

This Vampire Halloween look is super easy to do when you need a quick costume. All
you need to do is your regular full-face of makeup (foundation, concealer, powder, contour and brows) and add a bit of fake blood. I applied the fake blood with a Q-Tip and let it drip down. I suggest you place a towel over yourself, so your clothes don’t get messy in the process. You can also add some vampy eyeshadow, and some fake veins under the eye with blue and purple eyeliner to complete the whole look.

2. Cheetah

This is personally one of my favorite Halloween looks to do. It is so simple to do and
looks so pretty on everyone. I started with a normal full face of makeup, with a little extra contour. I did an easy neutral smoky eye, added some beautiful fake eyelashes, and winged liner. Then to draw on the cheetah print, I took an eye pencil and drew a parentheses shape. I filled the center of the liner with a gold eye shadow. The nose, lips and whiskers were also drawn on with a gel black liner.

3. Scarecrow

This Scarecrow look is super cute and very fun to do. I started with a full face of makeup,
with some orange and red eyeshadows. I also used a coral blush with a little of the orange
eyeshadow, on the apples of her cheeks. I then used a brown eye pencil and dotted it all
around her cheeks to create fake freckles. For the nose, I drew a tear drop shape with black eyeliner, and filled the center with orange eyeshadow. Then for the lips, I again used a black eyeliner and drew two straight lines that connected to the lips, then added stitches, and also filled in the lips with black liner.

4. The Little Mermaid

If you want to take a trip to memory lane and bring back your childhood, this look is
perfect. I started with a full face of makeup. For the eyebrows, I used a red lip liner and
some red eyeshadow. If you don’t have reddish hair, or won’t wear a wig, you can skip that
part. I applied green eye shadow all over her crease. Then I deepened the outer corner with a blue eyeshadow, and topped it off with a teal sparkly color on the lid. After, I applied purple on the lower lash line. Next, I applied winged liner and mascara. For the glitter on her cheek bones, I placed eyelash glue, took glitter chunks from Michaels, and sprinkled them on her face (another time I suggest having a towel around you). Lastly, I applied some red lipstick to her lips and purple and blue shadow to her collarbones.

5. Clown

The last look is a scary one, and little harder to do. It would be slightly easier with face
paint, however I just used eyeshadow and eyeliner. Once again, I started with a regular full face of makeup. Then, I did a brown natural eye look with mascara. I drew two triangles, one on the top of her eyebrow, and one below her eyes, which both led to a circle. I drew a circle on the tip of her nose and added some highlight there as well. For her lips I used black liner and black eyeshadow. Lastly, for her neck, I freely applied red and black eyeshadow. Feel free to add fake blood to this look, or white face paint as the base of the face.

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