4th of July Beauty

By Gina Gargiulo

Our favorite American holiday is coming up. It’s time to prepare those barbeques, fireworks, and chic attire. Show your pride and express your enthusiasm of independence with these 4th of July inspired hair, makeup, and nail ideas.


For those lighter hair colors out there, here’s a creative one for you. Simply buy red, white, and blue hairspray. Spray in order of an American flag, or do your own look.

hairspray 1 Hairspray 2

If you’re a hair wiz, then try this artistic look. Create a star with 5 ponytails, and connect them with braids or twists. With cute pigtails at the ends, it’s perfect for the little ones.

Star 1 Star 2

The easiest hairstyle you can do is to invest in an American flag bow or headband. Style your hair however you please, and add the accessory of your choice to top it off.

bow headband


The simplest of all is right here. Apply a liquid black eyeliner on top, a blue eyeliner pencil on the bottom, mascara, and juicy red lips to finish. Eyeshadow is optional.

simple 1 Simple 2

The next lets you get funky with eyeshadow . Take a red, white, and blue palette, and decorate as if the eye is your canvas. Apply a glitter liner on the bottom for an extra pop.

Shadow 2 Shawdow 1

If you want to add an extra spark to your look, light up your eyes with sparkles or gems in your eyeshadow and liner. Include your brows or lips for an even more extreme look.

Extreme Brow Extreme lips


For those of you who are beginners when it comes to nails, have no fear. Some red, white, blue, and silver nail polish can go a long way. The addition of stripes correlates perfectly with the occasion.

Beginner 1 Beginner 2

Once you got the stripes down, it’s time to add stars. Try doing a design on every other nail, or leave some nails plain to save time.

Stars and Stripes Stars

After mastering that, it’s time to conquer the whole American flag. If you’re really talented, paint just the tips of your nail in any color or design you desire.

Flag Tips

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